Schools of large and smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, crappie and bluegill populate the waters of Arizona lakes and waterways. Cottonwood Cove is popular for its abundance of bass. Anglers make a beeline towards the different fishing areas in order to reel in the best catch.

Securing a license does not require much work since the application process can be done online through the Arizona Game and Fish Department website. You may also purchase one yourself at authorized distributors and representatives such as tackle shop or your local athletic shop.

Before your trip, make sure that you read through the updated local laws on fishing in Arizona since these change, depending on the season and availability of the fish in the area. These protocols also exist to sustain and safeguard the marine life in the region. That way, everyone gets to have the time of their lives without disrupting the local ecosystem and wildlife.

Just like most areas where fishing is a popular sport or hobby, Arizona also follows the catch and release policy where anglers toss their catch of the day back into the vast waters. This is to avoid overfishing and to ensure the proliferation of fish in the area.