Known for its striped and largemouth bass, Delaware is heaven to those who seek to try their luck in both salt and freshwater. Delaware Bay and Silver Lake are two of the most frequented areas in the region because of their abundant waters. The links in this section will walk you through the fishing protocols and etiquette in Delaware. It will also redirect you to sites that would better explain how to secure your own license.

Purchasing one can easily be done online through the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife or you may also buy one personally from authorized retail shops and representatives.

In order to avoid overfishing in their waters, Delaware has provided tourists and avid anglers with strict rules and regulations regarding fishing in the region. These protocols are strictly implemented to conserve fish populations and allow marine life to thrive for generations to come.

Aside from following state protocols regarding fishing etiquette, you may also allot a few minutes for biologists and researchers in the area. They are in need of ample information on fish population in order for them to create efficient plans for the region. Answers to questions such as the volume and sizes of a day's catch will help speed up their research.