Indiana affords a wide variety of fishing from lakes, rivers, ponds and streams. There are monster Chinook salmon in Lake Michigan, steelheads in St. Joseph River, walleyes in Brookville Lake, largemouth bass in Patoka Lake, to name a few. However, unless it's a free fishing day, you are required to have a current Indiana fishing license. The state fishing license fees are not for naught as they are used to the management, protection, conservation and preservation of the fish population in Indiana.

It is easy enough to buy a fishing license online from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, with just a few clicks, 24/7. However, should you wish to personally buy a fishing license you can always drop by at the country clerk office or any authorized retailer during office hours?

If the government didn't spearhead the formulation of fishing regulations and rules, the probability that our internal bodies of water are now depleted of fish. These rules and regulations are in effect to ensure that fish populations stay healthy and grow in numbers for the future of generations will have the opportunity to experience fishing. Aside from statewide regulations, there are also guiding rules applicable in particular waterways and species. Regulations for size and bag limits are also in effect.

Fishing has become a very popular activity. The number of fishing enthusiasts has grown over the years. If there are no fishing regulations, the number of anglers in Indiana's waterways would have pressured the numerous fish species and most likely disrupted their habitats. In a great effort to sustain healthy fisheries, state biologists and fisheries managers implement programs for habitat protection and fish stocking.