The state of Kentucky uses the money procured from the sale of fishing license to uplift and maintain the state's recreational sport fishing for the younger generation and for generations of anglers yet to come. Two of the best spots for family fishing expeditions are Three Springs Lake and Camp Ernst Lake. Kentucky River has a rich and healthy population of flathead and channel catfish, crappie, largemouth and smallmouth bass, sauger, walleye and varieties of panfish. But first, a valid KY fishing license is needed as well as knowledge of applicable fishing laws in the state.

Online purchase of a fishing license from the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources is quick and hassle-free. But for those who prefer to buy in person there are outdoor sporting goods store and tackle shops that are authorized vendors of fishing license.

There are fishing laws and regulations that serve as guidelines in the collective effort to conserve and preserve fish populations. In addition to general fishing laws, there are specific regulations for particular state, locality, waterway and fish species. It is therefore recommended to inquire about local fishing regulations to avoid non-conformance.

A responsible and concerned angler takes the time to do proper catch and release to help in the conservation effort of not only Kentucky but across the nation. Whether a fish is to be released based on regulations or by personal choice, the act must be quick and stress-free for the fish. It is best to hold a fish horizontally, and with wet hands if it's to be released. The eye and gill areas should not be touched if the fish is to live.