Non Slip Loop Knot

The Non Slip Loop Knot is also known as the "Kreh Loop" and was made popular by Lefty Kreh, a fishing legend. The name says it all-this knot will not slip at the end of a fishing line and the loop connection allows for the fly or lure to have a more natural action in order to better entice fish. This type of knot is found by many fishermen to be easier to tie than the Rapala Knot, which is quite similar to the Non Slip Loop Knot. It is still as reliable too. 

The Non Slip Loop Knot has a very high strength because the tag end is not just hitched once around the line that is standing. This type of knot makes a very sturdy fixed loop in the end of the line and this type of knot makes it possible to get a much more natural action. This loop is fairly easy to replicate and it doesn't catch grass or other things on the retrieve which is an added bonus. 
Step 1:
In order to make the Non Slip Loop Knot, you have to start by first making an overhand knot around ten inches from the end.

Step 2:
Then you need to pass the tag end through the hook eye before feeding it through the loop of the overhand knot.

Step 3:
Next wrap the tag end around the standing part 5 or 6 times before bringing the tag end back through the overhand knot and entering it form the same side it exited originally.

Step 4:
Too make the next step easier, first moisten the knot before pulling slowly on the tag end in order to cinch the wraps loosely together. Then you can pull the loop and the standing line in opposite directions in order to seat the knot before trimming the tag end.
Carla Arbuckle
Carla Arbuckle

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