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Tucked away in the North region of Indiana is the small town of LaPorte, Indiana, on the edge of the Great Lakes National Park.

The area includes four other small lakes, known as "lakes" and sometimes referred to as Hennessey Lake. Pine Lake and Stone Lake are extremely clear and sparkling, while the others are more productive for weed growth. Although the lakes are close together, they differ greatly in size and shape, with a total area of about 2,000 hectares.

Holmes Island almost divides the lake into two parts and is a popular residential lake where many beautiful houses were built.

Hennessey Lake, sometimes referred to as Pine Lake and Stone Lake (or Pine, Stone and Holmes Lake), is the largest lake and offers the general public the most recreational opportunities. Both lakes are accessible from the municipal parking system and both are popular with LaPorte residents.

By far the most popular lake in LaPorte, Indiana, USA, Pine Lake and Stone Lake offer some of the best fishing, boating, swimming and other recreational opportunities in Indiana.

Two commercial marinas on the coast offer a variety of fishing, boating, swimming and other recreational activities at Pine Lake and Stone Lake. One marina has a small beach area and picnic area, and the other has a large boat ramp and boat parking.

Pine Lake is connected to Stone Lake by the only canal still used for boating and embedded in one of the Stone Lake. A public boat ramp is located at StoneLake, near the mouth of the canal, and at Pine Lake there is also a jetty for moored houseboats that can moor at the resort's dock. The number of properties on the pine lake offers a variety of recreational activities, such as fishing, swimming and other recreational activities.

The canal was dredged by the park authority a few years ago to improve access, but due to the high water level of the lake and the lack of water in the canal, it is still impassable.

Much of the shoreline of Stone Lake is protected by Soldiers Memorial Park, but the new Stone Beach is now open to public bathing and recreation, complete with beach house, picnic area and picnic tables.

A second beach, usually called Ski Beach, is located at the southern end of the 149-hectare lake. Lifeguards are on duty and a picnic area with picnic tables, picnic benches and picnic chairs is also available.

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Both Pine Lake and Stone Lake offer plenty of fishing opportunities to keep anglers happy, and both have some of the best trout fishing in the state of Indiana, as well as across the nation.

The crystal clear water makes canoes and kayaks particularly pleasant, and the number of boat ramps means that almost anyone can enter the water for free or for a small fee. On land, you can fish and boat at Pine Lake and Stone Lake as well as at the other two lakes.

One of the LaPorte Area Association's objectives is to monitor the conditions that promote the optimal condition of these lakes.

To this end, the association is working with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The association finances fish stocks and weed control and organises annual sea cleaning days. This extreme water clarity is due to the fact that the water is filtered from most suspended matter that feeds the fish.

The association works to prevent soil erosion and to educate land owners and the public on how best to protect their environmental resources. The hydrology of the six lakes in the LaPorte area is interesting because it shows the changes caused by agricultural and industrial development. All lakes are glacial moraines, and none had natural runoff. Most of the water comes from rainfall, including snow in winter, with limited runoff from a relatively small catchment area.

The most obvious change is Lower Long Lake, where steadily emerging wetlands have turned the former lake into a swamp that crosses. In the 1880s, the lake was the largest, but persistent droughts, combined with the development of the city of LaPorte and its industrial development, lowered the water level so much that one large lake became four smaller ones. City storm runoff leads to lakes in several areas and can contribute to too much nutrients getting into the water. In the summer months, you can walk along the shores of Pine Lake and Stone Lake through tubers of plants and mud.

The construction of a waterfront along part of the swamp was discussed as a way to promote natural research, public health and environmental protection.

The statutory water level is somewhat outdated, with Clear Lake at 736.2 feet above sea level, which is below the system average of 735.5 feet, but legally it is expected to be 788.2 feet above sea level. The water level has been so low for several years that the lily siphon no longer works. The pine lake is treated with an aluminium treatment plant on the shore for algae and weed control.

A few wet years can change the water level and lead to other changes based on local development and the needs of businesses.

Although rarely considered a major recreational destination, the lakes are ideal for entertaining visitors to the Michiana area.

Located on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, north of the Michigan-Indiana border, LaPorte Lakes is a popular destination for fishing, kayaking, canoeing and other recreational activities.

The region is generally rural, with many small farms - offering self-picked blueberries - and a wide variety of food. The Hesston Steam Museum is located in LaPorte Lakes, where four different steam locomotives are located, offering train rides that will delight young and old alike.

Several large hotel chains, small motels and guest houses, as well as a variety of small restaurants and bars, as well as a number of craft beers and wine bars are located in the area.

The country roads are ideal for cycling and sightseeing, but those who cycle in the area must always think of the strollers and Amish families that you see. East Elkhart offers a variety of bike trails, such as Pine Lake and Stone Lake, as well as a number of small hotels and guest houses.

Pine Lake and Stone Lake are great places to escape the big city for a weekend or an entire summer. Whether you like to do this or simply explore the nature and cycling trails of LaPorte Park, there is something for every tired soul.

This statistic only applies to Pine Lake, but you can also escape the city for a weekend or even an entire summer by visiting both Pine Lake and Stone Lake at the same price.

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