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The Coralville Reservoir was built to control flooding and regulate the fluctuating water levels of the Iowa River. The huge reservoir was built in 1958 as a dam near Iowa City and stretches for 23 miles along the Iowa River. It took 60 years to complete the process itself, but many years as funding dried up as the costs of the Korean War dried up.

The reservoir was eventually filled and completed and expanded to maximum flood capacity, and residents and visitors were welcomed to their new lake. Coralville Lake normally covers 5,430 hectares, but the huge amount of flood water means the reservoir is designed for flooding that has hit the Iowa City area several times in the past. In 2010, a planned recreational project was started with the construction of a new golf course, swimming pool, picnic area, water park and other facilities.

However, this proved insufficient, as rainstorms in 1993 and 2008 dumped more water into the lake's catchment area than the lake could hold and release. The Iowa City area and its suburbs suffered massive flooding, which was only partially mitigated by the Coralville reservoir. Without the reservoir, the floods would have been much worse, and the city and surrounding areas, such as the Cedar Rapids, would have suffered.

Coralville Lake and Lake Macbride flow into the lake and are separated only by a low causeway separated only by a narrow, winding path along the east side of the river and a small stream. Coralville Lake has a long, wide and narrow coastline with a few small islands in the middle. On hot summer days it is usually a quiet, refreshing and welcome retreat, but sometimes it can cause flooding.

A common activity on the lake is the designated houseboat slide, which is equipped with electricity to make it convenient to stay in the water during the day. The lake offers a variety of activities, such as fishing, boating, kayaking, rafting, canoeing and swimming as well as swimming.

The three concession marinas are designed to meet the needs of boaters, including a boat ramp, boat area, boat parking and boat storage area. Winter storage and dry storage are available for rent, as are winter storage, dry and storage bees.

At least one has a restaurant and campsite, and boat rentals are also offered on the pontoon. Visitors can explore the bay and sandbanks in kayaks, canoes and small sailboats, as well as in a variety of other boat types.

The shallows of the bay provide a good structure for spawning fish, and several species are regularly stocked by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. In winter, the ice often becomes thick enough to support ice fishing, especially in the bay. The fishermen also appreciate the fact that the Coralville reservoir is home to a variety of trout species, as well as a number of other fish species.

Iowa fishing licenses are required, and special fisheries regulations should be observed. Coralville Lake has a number of campsites for campers who live next door to the campsite. At the start, a small fee is charged for all ten boat ramps, and for the use of the beach, a small fee is charged.

The campsites are divided into three zones around the lake and can be found for almost any need, and offer a total of more than 500 places. Some have amenities such as picnic tables, but other places are suitable for camping. RV parks are available, as are pitches - with water and electricity; otherwise, no other amenities are offered.

Reservations are possible for most of the places, most of which are bee reservations, but some are also open to the public, such as the one at the northern end of the lake.

Besides a network of paths, the recreation area is almost as popular as the water itself, apart from the toilets located on the north and south sides of the lake and at the south end. A two-hole disc golf course is located in the recreational areas of the USACE and is becoming increasingly popular.

In late autumn, certain areas are open for hunting, and in spring and summer for fishing, hunting and camping.

This trail is a popular spot for birdwatchers to discover many native birds and is enormously popular as one of the most popular hiking trails in the state of Iowa.

The Veterans Trail and Tailwater Riverwalk are accessible for both disabled and wheelchair users. In winter, the route is frequented by snowshoe hikers, snowmobilers, skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts.

The Coralville Lake Visitors Center provides an informative introduction to the wildlife and geology of the area. Visitors can watch a film of the 2008 flood and take a short hike to see the fossils unearthed in the rushing waters of Devon Gorge. The area is available for the price of an annual pass and is therefore one of our best leisure areas.

The gorge contains thousands of fossils embedded in the limestone substrate and expanded by the 2008 flood. Several metres of sand and limestone were washed into the rushing water, revealing the long-extinct marine fauna that covered the area 375 million years ago. The centre is open all year round and the coral formation discovered in 1866 is the origin of the name Coralville. During the 1993 flood, more than 1,000 fossils of corals and other marine organisms were uncovered.

If miles of wooded coastline are not enough to quench your thirst for natural knowledge, visit the Coralville Wildlife Center, which houses the largest collection of injured birds of prey in the United States. Other exhibits include bird blindness - flight observation, bird watching in blind flight and a bird watching museum.

Some private homes and condos overlooking Coralville Lake can occasionally be rented for short-term rentals, and all types of accommodations are included. Just a short drive from CoralVILLE Lake, there are several historic destinations, including the famous Amana Colonies. In Coralvilles, you can hear the sounds of the original pioneers who abandoned river transport and built man - manufactured carts to bring family goods to the West.

If you haven't explored eastern Iowa, there's no better excuse than Coralville Lake, and there's no better excuse than to explore it.

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