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About Lake Arthur

Surrounded by Moraine State Park, this picturesque Butler County lake offers spectacular views of the Allegheny Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains to the east. With its rolling hills, scenic views and beautiful waterfalls, Lake Arthur is an outdoor enthusiast's dream. Unfortunately, this was not always the case, due to its location in the heart of Pennsylvania, USA.

Forty years ago, the land that encompasses Moraine State Park was covered by abandoned mines and oil and gas wells. In the late 19th century, the area experienced a major mining boom in the Allegheny Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains. Deep coal mines radically changed the profile of this country.

The Western Allegheny Railroad was built to transport material to and from Pittsburgh. The railroad ran the entire length of Muddy Creek Valley, and parts of the track quality are still visible in Moraine State Park and on the west side of Lake Arthur.

Moraine National Park is a long strip of glacier, and the soil, rock and debris left behind on the edge of the glacier are called moraines, a description that mercifully gives the park its name.

In 1926, the Englishman Frank W. Preston moved to the area to find a glass research laboratory, and in 1926 he and his wife Mary married.

He was a hobby geologist and naturalist who discovered glacier features in the area during a trip to Muddy Creek Valley. He spent the next decade studying the area, even naming a land form after him and his wife Mary Watt Preston. Preston was instrumental in founding the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, which bought the land that became Moraine State Park. The conservation authority is working to restore the land and Preston is one of the founders and co-founders of the board.

He filled 422 gas and oil wells, sealed deep mines, sorted, filled and filled strip mines, and sorted and filled them with natural gas, oil, coal and other minerals.

He also dammed the muddy streams around Lake Arthur, planted thousands of trees, shrubs and grasses, and planted more than 1.5 million acres of grass and trees.

The dam was completed in November 1968, Lake Arthur was fully filled in 1970, and the moraine park was inaugurated on May 23, 1970. The moraine protection fund has continued the restoration of the lake, as well as the creation of several other parks in the area. It has successfully reintroduced ospreys to Lake Arthur and has begun bringing wildlife back to the park and other parts of its catchment.

In 1996, the first successful breeding pair raised three chicks, and today the Fund is working on the reintroduction of barn owls.

They also run a gift shop called Eulenspiegel with a collection of owls and other wildlife, as well as a museum, café and children's museum.

Lake Arthur is rich in wildlife and there are many species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds of prey and other wildlife.

The nature centre is located at the top of the mountain, just a few hundred metres above the surface of the lake, and migratory loons use it as a rest area. They offer guided tours around Lake Arthur to explain the development of the lake and show the wildlife, but they are open to hunting and fishing.

Hunters also use the area to train dogs and hunt deer, elk, coyotes, foxes and other wildlife.

With a coastline of 42 miles and several tributaries, Lake Arthur has a long history as one of the most important waters in the United States. The fertile water and abundant food supply make the fish long and heavy, and there is a great variety of fish species as well as a large number of birds and mammals.

The lake is stocked by the Pennsylvania Department of Fish and Game, and there is also a large number of commercial and recreational fishing in the area, such as the Lake Arthur Fishing Club. Efforts are also underway to turn it into a trophy muskie lake with the help of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the State of Pennsylvania.

Visitors can rent kayaks, rafts and other recreational boats, as well as kayak and canoe equipment. In the area there are a large number of restaurants and bars, such as the Lake Arthur Grill and Bar, a restaurant and a lakeside bar.

Lake Arthur has beaches on both the north and south shores and is perhaps best known for sailing and windsurfing. Since 1998, the annual regatta on Lake Arthur has been held every year on the first Sunday of the month, from July to August. The two-day event is the largest regatta in western Pennsylvania and includes a variety of events including kayaking, canoeing, kayaking and canoe racing, as well as other recreational activities.

In the National Park there are bike rental and paved cycle paths, as well as cycle paths, hiking and horse riding trails and bicycle parking. Winter sports include snowshoeing, skiing, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and snowboarding. There is also a ski resort, a snowmobile trail system, an ice rink and a toboggan run.

Lake Arthur is located in the National Park, so visitors to the lake can access any amenities, including restaurants, shopping and museums, by car. Accommodation at Lake Arthur is limited to rented cabins, but there are several vacation rentals and private campsites nearby.

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