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About Lake Whitney

The 23,500-hectare reservoir is surrounded by a park and public access roads that welcome locals and visitors alike. The park, with its picturesque view of Lake Whiteney, attracts visitors from some of the largest cities in Texas.

It consists of towering limestone cliffs that rise above the clear blue waters, at a depth of more than 300 meters and a height of 2500 feet. The Whitney Lake Dam was completed in 1990 and offers recreation, water storage and future hydropower. To make the newly created lake and its 225-mile shoreline accessible, more than a dozen parks were created along the 225-mile shoreline of the lake.

The lake receives more than two million visitors a year and offers recreation, water storage and future hydropower, as well as a variety of other activities.

Lake Whitney is an all-around sports lake where you can swim, sail, kayak, canoe and remember the sea bear. Along the coast there are several marinas and two designated beaches provide access for those who want to cool off in the water. Other parks offer a variety of activities such as kayaking, fishing, swimming, boating, hiking, camping and fishing.

Considered one of the best fishing lakes in Texas, it is known for its large number of fish that are removed from the coast because the Army Corps of Engineers has a strict policy that no more than one fish is in the lake per year.

The irregular bottom and the irregular shoreline provide a large spawning and feeding base for a variety of fish. Some of the prey more important for anglers are flatheaded catfish, striped perch and blue cats. Tournament fishing is held regularly at the reservoir and a number of fishing guides offer their knowledge of the lake to the fishermen. Blue cats pulled from the water are record holders - but they are mostly prey for anglers.

Nature lovers can admire over 300 species of birds, including pelicans and bald eagles. During the hunting season, the park is a popular destination for licensed hunters hoping to catch deer, turkeys, pigeons, quails and ducks.

Lake Whitney is an ideal choice for a family vacation, offering a variety of activities for children and adults, including swimming, fishing, kayaking, boating, canoeing, hiking and fishing. Playgrounds and nature activities provide entertainment for the children, and parents can play golf to their hearts "content.

There is a spectacular view of the night sky, where interested visitors can observe the stars, the moon and other celestial objects in the sky above the lake. Why is this beloved song called one of America's most famous songs? "The Great American Songbook" by John Lennon?

The Lake Whitney Arts Group produces musicals, children's plays and art exhibitions, and offers dance, handicraft and acting classes. The marina also has food and snacks so you don't have to pack a picnic! The small town of Whitney has all the restaurants and fast food services that visitors want, but the marinas also have restaurants for snacks.

The Lake Whitney area is an excellent choice for a summer vacation, and offers many attractions that will delight adults and children alike. The Hillsboro Outlet Center is a great place to shop, and the Texas Heritage Museum is located in the town of Whitney, just a few miles from the marina.

About 30 km from Lake Whitney, Glen Rose offers a number of attractions, including GlenRose State Park, a popular hiking and cycling trail and a trail system. As the route is on the riverbed, it is best to inform yourself about the river conditions before making this special journey.

Two large fiberglass dinosaur figures are also on display, which will fill your children with awe. Glen Rose is home to a number of endangered species, including the Great Smoky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. From here, visitors can hop on a bus and take a ride to the site to observe one of the largest and most famous dinosaur fossils in the world, the gorgons.

The city of Waco, located southeast of Lake Whitney, offers a number of attractions, including the Texas Museum of Natural History and the University of Texas at Austin. The university town of Waco also houses the WACO Mammoth site, which houses a number of restored historic houses as well as a museum and fossil museum.

Many of the new buildings on the lake have access to the shores of Lake Whitney, which is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico, the Texas River and the Rio Grande River. Although the owners do not own the coastal area themselves, they are allowed to use it for access, depending on the location.

Some properties are still available, such as the existing houses on the west side of the lake, as well as some new buildings.

Accommodation at Lake Whitney is plentiful and includes a number of hotels, restaurants and even a hotel with a pool, spa and spa.

So pack your fishing rod and head down to the lake, where the stars are really big and bright and you can fish with your rod for the first time in years.

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