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Visitors to the Salt Lake City area will want to stay at East Canyon Reservoir. The 680-acre reservoir is located on the east side of the Utah-Utah border, north of Lake Jordan. This lake is one of Utah's most popular tourist attractions and a popular destination for visitors from around the world.

Although the area is technically owned by the Interior Department's Office of Recovery, a provision has been made that allows the state of Utah to manage the area for recreation. Although the East Canyon Reservoir was originally dammed in 1898 and expanded several times, the current reservoir was built in the early 1990s. East Canyon Creek was built in 1990, with recreational use playing an increasingly important role.

The East Canyon Reservoir State Park adds another dimension to the natural beauty of this salt plain that stretches for miles from West Salt Lake City, west of the Great Salt Lake, around the Great Lake. The first visitors to Utah were amazed at the geological formations that existed in such a small space.

Immediately east of the city, mountains rise from the valley floor into the mountains, and further west, gorges and passes fill Utah's settlement history. With the growing population and the increasing number of tourists coming here, this historic area is finding its way into the national park system.

East Canyon Reservoir State Park boasts 267 acres, including 1,000 feet of coastline, covered pavilions and a 2,500-acre lake. The entire coast is on public land, but access by car is limited to the eastern shore. The East Canyon Reservoir on the northern Wasatch Front is filled with enough fish to keep any angler happy, as well as plenty of water for fishing.

The full-service campsites are open all year round and can accommodate campers up to 1.50 m in length, and boat rentals and snacks are available in the summer months. The park has numerous hiking trails and you can admire moose, mules, turkeys, capercaillies and waterfowl along the paths and also in the lake itself.

Visitors looking for a slope usually visit the North Fork of the Colorado River, which is only 20 miles away. The northern route is usually passable all year round, but the southern route can be partially closed in the winter months, although access is via the weather road. Visitors can also take a bus or car from the park's main entrance at the southern end of the East Canyon.

The East Canyon Reservoir area is home to the famous Thunder group, one of the most famous hiking groups in the United States. It is believed that the Thunder group got stranded on the California pass of the same name because they chose an uneven passage through the East Canyon Area.

This route required a lot of improvements so they could bring their gear, so they ended up stranded at Thunder Pass late.

Visitors to the East Canyon Reservoir want to learn more about the Mormons who built the foundation of their state, which they called Deseret. On the outskirts of Salt Lake City, a memorial stands at the site where Brigham Young rose from his sick bed and announced that there was a place for his followers to build a new life. This is Place Heritage Park, and it is the site of the first Mormon settlement in the United States. The grooves left by the pioneer cars are visible and the improved track that was left behind probably led into and through the salt lake area.

East Canyon Reservoir, Utah, USA: "The First Mormon Settlement in the United States" by Brigham Young and his followers in 1847.

Here, too, visitors can see the proposed Deseret alphabet, which should facilitate communication between immigrants. Craftsmen show visitors the sheet metal work on the walls of the building, as well as the original stone walls and other architectural features.

Near Salt Lake City you will find a variety of restaurants, bars and shops, as well as a number of museums and galleries. Visit the Utah Museum of Natural History, the University of Utah Library or the LDS Church Museum.

Antelope Island in Great Salt Lake attracts a large number of migratory and breeding birds. The anchor drops at the end of the day on the east side of Antelope Island, just off the west coast of Utah, near the Utah-Idaho border.

The meadows of the island offer a good breeding ground for the long-billed curlew, a migratory bird. The island park is accessible via Interstate 15 Dam, but visitors to East Canyon Reservoir will likely want to visit Park City, 20 miles south. From the coast, one can observe birds such as red-legged sparrows, blue-footed jays and black and white owls.

The booming resort is known for ski resorts and all kinds of winter sports, and in addition to explosive real estate growth, the area has also seen an increase in the number of temporary residents, who are catered for by the ski resort industry and the city itself.

The city is home to a variety of second homes and ski farms that can be visited by locals and visitors from as far away as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and New Jersey.

Summer visitors can start in Park City and end at Echo Reservoir, and you can admire unique geological features such as the Devil's Slide.

The two parallel limestone ridges form something like a giant children's slide and stand in high relief in front of the soft eroded stone. Several similar formations in the area have similar features, such as the Devil's Slide and the Great Salt Lake Formation, both of which have their own unique features.

The East Canyon area, surrounded by Wasatch National Forest, offers miles of wilderness for hiking, camping and exploration. Maps and relevant information are available online, but experienced hikers may want to obtain a map from the US Forest Service for the area they are planning to visit.

The area of the East Canyon Reservoir is prepared for visitors due to its proximity to the surrounding canyons. In the immediate vicinity are properties, including a large number of private apartments, hotels, restaurants and hotels with access to water.

So pack your fly rods, bass and boat, follow in the footsteps of the early pioneers and pack a fly rod or bass boat.

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