Maine presents various waterways to fish. There are lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, estuaries and of course the length of the Maine coast facing the Atlantic Ocean. There's a whole range of freshwater and saltwater fish species in Maine but a fishing license is mandatory. There are bass, trout, salmon, chain pickerel, chart, and sunfish for warm and cold water games. Then there is the Atlantic salmon, sturgeon, striped bass, haddock, halibut, and Atlantic Bluefin tuna for saltwater games. Note there are very strict restrictions on most of these saltwater fish.

You can purchase your Maine fishing license from Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife website or at any licensed tackle shop or outdoor store in your location. Before packing your gear, it is best that you read up on state regulations regarding fishing season, bag limits and length limits.

Maine has its own set of fishing regulations and laws. Stipulations will greatly depend on whether you intend to ice fish, open water fish or saltwater fish. The rules have to be strictly implemented as failure to do so would result in the depletion of fish, even endangering some species. If everyone fish for just the sake of fishing, there will be no more for future generations to enjoy the sport and up to a point, a source of food. Here are some links for clarification of existing fishing laws in Maine.

There seems to be an increased on anglers in Maine as attested by the increasing number of fishing licenses issued. In relation, this mean the waterways and fish resources are experiencing increased pressure. Part of the money sourced from the issuance of fishing licenses are used to create efficient fish management and protection plans headed by credible scientist and biologists. Everyone can help conserve and preserve these resources by just observing fishing regulations and laws.