When planning on freshwater fishing in Maryland, Dundee Creek located at Gunpowder Falls State Park, home to chain pickerel, comes to mind. Saltwater fishing on Chesapeake Bay with its abundance of white perch is popular too among anglers. When opting for freshwater and saltwater fishing in Maryland, separate fishing licenses are required.

Both freshwater and saltwater MD fishing licenses can be paid online through the website of Maryland Department of Natural Resources. They can also be procured from any branch of the Maryland DNR Service Center. An MD fishing license bought from October 2015 onward is valid for 365 days.

Each state in the US has its own set of fishing rules and regulations to better address the issue of protecting the country's fish populations and waterways for future generations. Updates on these regulations happen at times and are subject to change.

Knowing the proper way to catch and release certain species of fish plays an important role in the conservation and preservation of the fish population not only in Maryland but the rest of the country. Using the correct hooks, dehooking devices, and proper handling of a catch contribute to its rate of survival when released back into the water.