Fishing in Mississippi is a year-round activity. Lake Bill Waller yields the best 15-pounder largemouth bass in January. Lake Okhissa is teeming with crappies as early as February. Pickwick Lake is just about ready for hooking Channel catfish in June while the Ross Barnett Reservoir is alive with striped and hybrid bass come fall. But before enjoying a season of fishing, a Mississippi fishing license is required. An angler is also required to know the existing rules about size limits and bag limits.

A quick and easy means to purchasing a fishing license is through the Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks' online site. There are different types of fishing licenses for residents and non-residents anglers so it is best to qualify one's residence status to avoid confusion.

The Mississippi fishing rules and regulations are formulated and implemented to ensure the healthy propagation of fish populations statewide and nationwide. Laws and regulations may vary throughout the year to accommodate varying needs and conditions of fish species and waterways. In connection, all anglers are advised to read on updates before each fishing trip.

Fishing regulations are put in place to help in the conservation and protection of fish varieties in the all waterways in Mississippi. One does not have to be a seasoned angler to help in the conservation effort of the fisheries department. Proper fishing etiquette, such as catch and release and the basic concept of stewardship on and off water, will greatly help in the general fish conservation movement.