Missouri presents a great fishing getaway for both seasoned and novice anglers. The lakes, rivers and streams peppering the state offers various freshwater fish species across the country with catfish fishing considered as one of the best in the US. Whether you plan to shore fish from the banks of Missouri River or cast a line on Jefferson Lake hoping to catch a largemouth bass, you still have to get a Missouri fishing license.

There are different types of fishing license in Missouri offered to residents and non-residents. It is best to seek the advice of the licensing department to avoid any confusion. The money sourced from the issuance of fishing licenses are contributed to the fishery management department of Missouri for conservation education, protection of the fish habitat, propagation of the fish population, and more.

There are wide varieties of fish in Missouri and it is important that an angler has a basic knowledge of them. It is also imperative that the fishing rules and regulations applicable to accepted types of fishing methods are familiar to an angler. Why? These knowledge will help an angler are in accordance with the fishing rules and regulations of Missouri and adherence to these laws will secure the future of the fish population.

As more anglers from different parts of the country are trooping to Missouri for their fishing vacation, an increased awareness on the conservation program of the states must be put across enthusiasts. Aside from awareness of the state's fishing laws and regulations, responsible anglers are expected to contribute to the protection of the environment and its inhabitants. One way of helping in the conservation process is by not polluting the waterways and practicing fishing etiquette.