Pick a lake or river and take your family fishing in Nebraska. Cunningham Lake State Park in Omaha is one of the top places for families to fish for bass and bluegill while Two Rivers State Recreation Area in Waterloo offers opportunities to catch smallmouth bass and crappie. Find the best places to fish in NE after buying your fishing license and reading the fishing regulations.

One can buy a NE fishing license from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission's website on a 24/7 basis. This is most convenient for busy bodies pressed for time in procuring theirs from a legitimate vendor. For avid anglers who go fishing year in, year out, it is best to buy a lifetime license to save on money and effort. There are different types of fishing license and associated fees so it is best to read up on them first before buying.

The fishing laws and regulations of the state were formulated, acted on and implemented by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to moderate the recreational fish and game activities in the state. These laws cover specifics regarding fishing seasons, bag, length and size limits, and the type of gear or tackle permitted pertaining to a specific waterway and fish species. These regulations may be changed if a need arises.

There seems to be a rise in the number of recreational anglers that it has become more important to monitor the status of waterways and their fish populations. The preservation and conservation of the fish populations and their natural habitat is under the state fisheries managers and biologists. Under their supervision and management, the waterways of Nebraska and their fish population are healthy and thriving. Each angler is expected to do his part in the conservation and preservations process.