Nevada has plenty of ponds, lakes, rivers, creeks and reservoirs that are full of thriving varieties of fish species. Some of these fish are varieties of bass such as largemouth, spotted and striped; trout such as rainbow, bull, cutthroat; sunfish, catfish, perch and more. There are varying fishing licenses in Nevada such as those for state residents and non-residents, junior and senior licenses. Before buying a NV fishing license, it is best to know under which category you fall under.

Fishing licenses are available from the Nevada Department of Wildlife's licensing website on a 24/7 basis. There are special privileges and stamps for some fish species so it is best to read up on this issue before getting a fishing license. The fees collected go to the fishery management, conservation education, habitat development and endangered species programs.

Fishing rules and regulations are implemented for fishery management. There are rules on the length and weight of fish allowed to be caught as well as an actual number on how many fish you can catch. It is a must that an angler is well aware of the correct practice of catch and release to increase the fish's chance of survival. At times, special rules apply to meet the needs the fish and habitat of a particular region of Nevada.

One way of contributing to the effort of conserving the fish populations is through the application of proper catch and release techniques. The correct fishing style as well as fishing gear is also important factors that play in the conservation effort. A properly handled fish can be safely released back into the water to thrive.