Whether it's freshwater or saltwater fishing you prefer, New Jersey has much to offer. Marlu Lake in Thompson Park in Lincroft is home to freshwater largemouth bass, carp, sunfish and crappies. The water of Delaware River is the teeming with smallmouth bass. Port Monmouth, Raritan Bay is the place to be for big stripers! But before casting that lure, a New Jersey fishing license is required. Knowledge of existing fishing rules and regulations is necessary.

With just a few clicks, one can purchase a NJ fishing license online through the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's Division of Fish & Wildlife. For those who prefer to get theirs up front, there are hunting and fishing equipment shops that are approved license vendors.

Before buying a fishing license one should understand the different fishing licenses available as fishing for freshwater fish and saltwater fish are two different things, with its own set of fishing rules and regulations. It is best to understand the different fish species to make it easier to apply existing fishing regulations.

The preservation and conservation of the waters and fish populations not only in New Jersey but the rest of the country is an ongoing project. Much effort has been done to ensure that there will be fish to catch for future anglers. One way anglers can contribute in the conservation effort is to strictly follow NJ fishing laws and regulations.