New York has over 7,500 lakes and ponds, and some 70,000 miles of streams and rivers where freshwater fishing can be enjoyed. Lake Erie offers excellent smallmouth bass fishing whereas the crystal clear water of the Adirondack Lake teems with brook trout. Lake Ontario is home to Pacific salmon whereas one can always catch some stripers on the Hudson River and panfish on Central Park and Prospect Park lakes. For saltwater fishing, the shores of Long Island are best.

Fishing license are bought online from the NY Department of Environmental Conservation's website. There are different types of fishing licenses based on residency, age, profession and other considerations. There are exemptions too so it is best to get information on the types of licenses before purchasing one.

Fishing laws and regulations are keenly observed not only in New York but across the nation. There are special stipulations on each fish species and particular body of water. These rules may be tweaked from time to time in order to meet the changing needs of a fish species or its habitat.

The conservation and protection of fish populations and various waterways of New York is a prime consideration. If rules and regulations are not followed, the fish populations could be depleted in no time at all. In some instances, stocking waterways is the answer to make sure that the population of a specific body of water is not compromised.