The many lakes, rivers, streams, dams and ponds of North Dakota are home to fish families of pike, perch, sunfish, catfish, bass, trout, sturgeon and paddlefish. Alkaline Lake in Kidder County is teeming with walleyes. Baukol-Noonan Dam has plenty of trout and largemouth bass. But before you can fish legally in North Dakota, you need a fishing license.

It is easy enough to secure a fishing license though the website of North Dakota Game and Fish Department. You can also get a license by phone on a 24/7 basis. You can immediately print your license once you have paid the required fees. There are different types of fishing license, depending on whether you are a resident of ND or not. There are exemptions on the procurement of fishing licenses.

Fishing laws and regulations are created and strictly implemented for the improvement, protection and conservation of the fish population. These regulations indicate the fishing seasons, size limits, daily bag limits, and even the types of fishing tackle allowed. Regulations and rules may be modified according to present conditions and needs of a particular waterways or species so it is best to be current on these.

The protection and conservation of the waterways and fish populations in ND is prime objective of the department of fisheries and deemed a responsibility of everyone and not only anglers. The responsibility of keeping the waterways free from population is everyone's concern whereas anglers are more expected to follow the rules regarding fishing. The proper catch and release of fish ensures its survival when released back to the waters. The use of proper tools is necessary to minimize trauma on the fish.