Anglers love to fish in Ohio's Lake Erie and in its many island lakes such as Portage or Mosquito Lakes or in the reservoirs at Jackson City and LaDue. Stocked or spawned, the varieties of fish in Ohio include largemouth bass, yellow perch, muskellunge, suckers, bluegills, crappie, channel catfish, brown bullhead and more. Before one can fish, a fishing license is required.

It is easy enough to purchase a fishing license online. But before getting one, it is best to know about the different types of license offered simply by reading up on them from the website. Freshwater fishing is offered in Ohio and a fishing license allows anglers to fish in all the lakes, rivers, ponds, creeks and reservoirs in the state.

Fishing license is available 24/7 from the website of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources or through a legitimate fishing license vendor.

Ohio's fishing rules and regulations were formulated based on the existing conditions of the fish populations and waterways of the states. Statewide and site specific regulations are strictly implemented and may be tweaked from time to time based on current needs.

Funds collected through fishing license fees are used in the conservation effort of Ohio. Each one is enjoined to help with the conservation preservation of the fish and waterway resources simply by adhering to the fishing regulations. Practicing proper catch and release, not polluting the waterways and teaching new anglers about conservation and correct fishing etiquette will go a long way towards protecting and conserving the fish populations and waterways of Ohio.