Popular for bass fishing, abundant lakes, and streams that dot the vast expanse, Oklahoma is the perfect destination for both the seasoned and beginner. Whether you are on a yacht, canoe or walking along a stream, you will surely reel in a fine catch since its waters teem with largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass.

Securing your own license is easy! The links below will walk you through the entire process. The proceeds of each fishing license help in the conservation of natural habitats, local programs geered towards the protection of marine life and the environment.

Before packing your bags for a weekend getaway in one of Oklahoma's top fishing spots, make it a point to browse through the fishing rules and regulations of the area you are visiting. The links below will help you understand the do's and don'ts and will also answer all your queries. Keeping a copy on hand is also advisable for you to have a hassle free vacation.

Protecting and conserving our environment should always be on the top of our list. Seasoned anglers can extend help by educating beginners on how to increase the population of marine life in the area, which areas to avoid and teach them about the catch and release policy in the area.