Each year, anglers make a beeline for Pennsylvania's 85,000 stretches of streams, rivers, lakes and ponds that teem with a variety of trophy-sized bass, crappie, trout and many more!

You can purchase your very own Pennsylvania fishing license online via the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission website or you may opt to buy it from accredited agents near you. The links below will answer all our concerns and walk you through the process of securing one.

Once your license has been approved, be sure to read up on the fishing rules and regulations of the area you plan to visit. And since local laws vary from state to state, it is important to know what protocols apply in the different areas. These rules are strictly implemented to protect fish population and to conserve marine life and their habitats for generations to come. Click on the links at the bottom for information such as seasons, regulations and fish stocking schedules.

Proper fishing ethics is expected from anglers, seasoned or not. The various fishing laws were created and implemented to promote and increase the population of the various species in the area. The fees collected from the Pennsylvania fishing licenses are directed towards the different local projects that aim to conserve and monitor fish population.