18 Best Fishing Glasses

Sunglasses are necessary accessories for fishing. Right quality sunglasses help you see deeper into the water and offer extra protection to your eyes. A pair of sunglasses doesn't only block the reflected light but filters the sun's radiation, thus reducing the effects of glare and harmful UV rays.

For anglers who wait patiently in the sun for their next catch, the glasses are the most valuable tool. When you are out fishing, and as you peer at the surface of the lake, your eyes become tired, glaring at the surface of the water.

In the hot weather, not only is the sun beating down on you, but also the reflection of the light from the water can add more considerable damage to your eyes. Hence it is essential to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun. Thus, to protect yourself from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, sunglasses are the best choice. 

Glasses also protect you from other dangers too. While you are out fishing, it can fly fishing on a running river or lure fishing on a stagnant stream. There are times when the hook can come flying towards your face, which you may hardly expect. Thus there are chances of eye injuries from the hook.

The sunglasses act as a protective barrier from the bouncing back of the hook. You will not be able to know the advantages and disadvantages of the sunglasses before buying them. Hence it is essential to get some idea about the different features of glasses before you buy them. Thus this guide will help you with this task.

18 Best Fishing Glasses

1. KastKing Hiwassee Polarized Sunglasses
2. RUNCL Sports Polarised Sunglasses, Skiing Glasses, Fishing Sunglasses
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3. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses
4. Wiley X P-17 Sunglasses, Smoke Grey, Mattle Black
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5. Oakley Men's Gascan Rectangular Sunglasses
6. Costa Del Mar Fantail Fishing Sunglasses
7. Costa Del Mar Blackfin Sunglasses
8. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Running Cycling Fishing Golf Tr90 Unbreakable Frame
9. Suncloud Milestone Polarized Sunglass with Polycarbonate Lens
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10. GREY JACK Sports Style Polarized Sunglasses Al-Mg Metal Frame Ultra Light for Men & Women
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11. TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men Women Cycling Running Driving Fishing Golf Baseball Glasses 100% UV Protection TR23
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12. INFI Fishing Polarized Sunglasses for Men Driving Running Golf Sports Glasses Square UV Protection Designer Style Unisex
13. YIMI Polarized Photochromic Driving z87 Sunglasses
14. PONOSOON Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men Women for Cycling Running Fishing Golf TR90 Frame 010
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15. Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men and Women - UV400 Protective and Glare Blocking - w. Bundle
16. Duduma Polarized Designer Fashion Sports Sunglasses for Baseball Cycling Fishing Golf Tr62 Superlight Frame
17. Flying Fisherman Cove Polarized Sunglasses with AcuTint UV Blocker for Fishing and Outdoor Sports
18. Flying Fisherman Maverick Polarized Sunglasses with AcuTint UV Blocker for Fishing and Outdoor Sports

KastKing Hiwassee Polarized Sunglasses

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentYou can get KastKing comfort and style with KastKing Hiwassee Sports Sunglasses. These are designed for function and fashion in the United States.

The design of the glasses is in such a way that it provides full coverage. Hence it is best suited for sports activities like fishing, golfing, and biking.

It has a lightweight Grilamid frame. It also has a soft-touch nose and temple pads for comfort during extended periods of use. KastKing frames can withstand prolonged usage. The other features of this fishing glasses are they are incredibly flexible, resistant to heat, ultra-lightweight, resistant to UV rays. They retain their shape.

Polarized lenses protect us from the glare of the sun. The material Grilamid is used in medical and military applications. The KastKing comes with a microfiber pouch for cleaning and storage and a molded case for storage.


  • A high-quality lens with Impact resistance
  • 100% UV protection
  • The frame of these fishing sunglasses is comfortable and long-lasting


  • Not for all types of heads

Our Take

I use the KastKing Hiwassee sunglasses for fishing. These glasses do a commendable job of protecting my eyes from the sun, which is extremely intense. Also, not to mention the high color contrast for fishing. It is worth the money spent. Everything around you is sharper and brighter without any glare. It fits my face correctly. They fit nicely across the bridge of the nose.

It is not too tight against the head and fit well above the ears. I bent over several times and shook my head, and the glasses did not move at all. Lenses were bright and vibrant, making everything look crisp. Craftsmanship is on par with other popular glasses. Inlaid rubberized pads for the nose and ears are well placed.

These glasses block the breeze when I cruise across the lake at 70 mph. The polarization of the lenses does a fantastic job of cutting through the glare on sunny days as well as on partly cloudy days; they are equally good.

They help to see bedded and cruising fish as well as underwater structures. I was hesitant to purchase this due to the price. But let me tell you I am not disappointed.

Overall, I highly recommend this KastKing Hiwassee sunglasses for outdoor sports like fishing, biking, and driving.


RUNCL Sports Polarised Sunglasses, Skiing Glasses, Fishing Sunglasses

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe RUNCL Sports Polarised Sunglass is one of a kind sunglasses made with Japanese floating material TPX, which allows your sunglasses to float when they hit the water. The angler-friendly feature makes it possible to perform well above and underneath the water. It all features sporty wrap-style frames that offer a perfect fit for your face; this gives a massive amount of protective coverage and stylish appeal.

The sunglasses are complexly built with imported TPX, which is a promising feature for durability. The rugged sunglasses have proved to preserve coating and color during the cross-cut adhesion test. It also has soft-touch nose pads that reduce slippage and creates a contoured point of contact and provides a perfect fit for your all-day comfort, even in high tides. It is also stylish and has 12 different colors to choose from.


  • Perfect fit
  • Maintains colour saturation and natural contrast
  • Lightweight


  • May not fit every head

Our Take

As a general agreement, these fishing sunglasses do not need a break in the bank and are usually light and fit well. This is an excellent feature that eliminates the fear that you might lose them while fishing. With the RUNCL Sports sunglasses adjusting them all the time is not a necessity, like for the other glasses. This is commendable, especially coming from a brand that is well known for its quality.

Made by RUNCL, the sunglasses are fantastic and come with a nice case that can be hooked onto a fishing bag and a gentle lens wipe cloth. When the primary source of glare surrounds your sports environment, this means you must have over-time protection. Otherwise, your favorite sport could become extremely detrimental.

The RUNCL polarised lenses offer high protection while fishing because they cut out intense lighting, which helps to avoid unnecessary squinting and eye strain.

With the RUNCL polarised sunglasses, you can see beyond the surface of the water, and it's the perfect time to spot your next big catch. It is possible to protect your eyes from the sun's harsh rays, which may cause cataracts, cancer, and unwanted wrinkles with a stunning, high-quality lens. They block 100% UVA and UVB for superior protection.

I believe this will be an excellent fishing sunglass for the fishing enthusiast as they are perfect for boating and fishing in deep water and with open, reflective water with the harsh sun, thanks to the blue mirror.

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Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglass prides itself with the multiple lens colors available and gives it a stylish look. The lightweight sunglasses are durable and can hardly be felt on the face; it is durable and fit well for all the fishing needs. It has a 100% UV400 sunglasses lens; the lens restores a vivid, colorful world eliminating any dust, UVA, UVB rays, and other eye-harming lights.

It is well coated with improved anti-scratch coatings that are hard, durable, and of high quality. It also has a soft microfiber pouch and a smooth glass cloth. Fashion and stylish design is a feature not left out, with multiple color combinations of frames and lenses.
Let's not forget the polycarbonate lens and frames that are scratch-resistant, durable, and unbreakable.


  • The pair of sunglasses are made with premium materials, which ensure that you have the best material to protect your eyes
  • The extra padded nose guard allows the sunglasses to stay fixed and comfortable on your nose
  • The frame is super durable, which can withstand many pressures


  • The edges of these polarised sunglasses can fray easily if you don’t handle them with care

Our Take

There are different types of sunglasses that are available in the market, with different preferences. So if you are one who values high-quality, lightweight, and comfortable pair of sunglasses that will protect your eyes from all conditions, this one is definitely for you. These glasses will work correctly for anyone who is a fishing maniac.

If you’re the type of fisher who values high-quality sunglasses from a well-known brand, Duduma polarised sports sunglasses are the perfect product for all your fishing needs. The sunglass has a 30-day guarantee. This sunglass promises continuous service with a lifetime breakage warranty on lenses and frames.

The Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglass enhanced vision is not like any other sunglasses. They improve your vision and get rid of glare from surfaces like water that interfere with your vision. Polarised fishing sunglasses not only work great to protect your eyes and help you see better but also make you look stylish in them.

With these sunglasses, you have a wide range of colors to choose from, including yellow, green, black, and blue. It has a white and black frame to choose from.


Wiley X P-17 Sunglasses, Smoke Grey, Mattle Black

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Wiley X P-17 sunglasses are crafted for outdoor use. They feature a multitude of beneficial technology designed to maximize their performance. It is a pair of Full Rim sunglasses for those looking for extreme eyewear, impact-resistant, and ballistic grade. It also has mirror coating available on specific colours which bounces back harsh lighting and makes clear visions in harsh environments.

Wiley X prescription sunglasses are the standard prescription sunglasses that are used by the FBI, DEA, Navy SEAL Teams, and Military Special Forces. These smooth and stylish frames are unassuming, ANSI-rated, and come in a variety of colour options.

The polarised options are available in specific colours with filters glare and ease eye strain. The Wiley has rubberized temples, and nose piece makes for extra comfort and non-slip grip. It also has synthetic venting, which allows fresh air to enter frame naturally. The wrap-around or oval shape offers the face full coverage and protection. The product is loaded with a Wiley X case and a cleaning cloth.

Wiley X polycarbonate lenses can be ordered in clear, tinted, mirrored, light-adjusting, and polarized. The new digital surfacing provides excellent optical clarity through the field of vision.


  • Scratch-free lenses
  • Relaxing to wear daily
  • Unique 8-layer lens filter


  • Problems with six for large face

Our Take

Protection is one of the most crucial factors that make Wiley X the best. Made with a slim design, it diverts the frame to keep the focus on the ultimate goal. This one is tiny and medium fit for your needs. Also, the safety sunglasses have a hard time slipping off your face; even when you are sweating, thanks to the wrap-around frame and the rubberized nose piece.

These prescribed lenses are the perfect pair of safety for those continuously active. These glasses not only protect your eyes but also enhance your vision significantly if you’re going to ask me for the perfect fit for those with medium-sized heads. This is the ideal sunglasses for them.
This astonishing pair can turn the sunglasses into goggles when the elastic bands are attached. It also focuses on the three main points of contact from the nose bridge to the temples for a light and comfortable fit over long periods.
Finally, an excellent sunglass must offer utmost satisfaction without worries. If you are afraid of safety sunglasses that change your appearance while wearing, then these will overcome the problem. I also like how the polarized lenses contain an exceptional 8-layer filtration to reduce glare.

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Oakley Men's Gascan Rectangular Sunglasses

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentOakley is usually known for its style and comfort. But did you know it works quickly well? It has excellent coverage over gaps of light. It has 100% ultraviolet-blocking technology. The plastic lens is coated, so scratches and wear-and-tear do not have an adverse effect on the lens.

The plastic frames are durable and flexible. There are specific pressure pads at your temples. Thus providing you with comfort and relief while wearing them throughout the day. You need not worry about developing mild tension headaches from eight hours of wearing sunglasses. Oakley has over fifteen ripper styles. It also offers fantastic customer support services.

Even if you stare straight at the sun, you will not feel anything penetrating your lens. The wide frames are made of durable and flexible plastic for maximum comfort and impact resistance. Whether you are on a trip on the ocean or you are sailing by the lakeside, you cannot afford to be without perfect protection from the glaring and intense sun.


  • Durable plastic frame
  • Plutonite lens provides 100% filtering of all UVA, UVB, and UVC
  • Full bridge coverage


  • Complaints of fake ones present on the market

Our Take

You can wear sunglasses not only for the sake of looking cool but for protecting the eyes from the intense glare of the sun. These Oakley Gascan sunglasses are elegant and comfortable.

I have always wanted to buy a pair for longer than I remember and I am glad I pulled the trigger on this purchase. These glasses are 100% UVA-B-C resistant. I am extremely happy with the scratch resistance of the lens.

The Oakley Gascan glasses fit well, do not slip and provide good peripheral protection as designed. For those who are in search of durable, lightweight, and front/side protective eyewear for casual, duty, or training purposes, these are a very good option.

I was afraid that why should I buy sunglasses when I might lose them, but now I do not regret it. The best thing about these glasses is lens quality. It blocks out the glare so much better than anything I have tried before.


Costa Del Mar Fantail Fishing Sunglasses

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentYou need maximum protection if you are going to spend time out on the deep sea or the lakes. Costa Del Mar Fantail glasses offer 100% UV protection, especially their green-tinted fishing sunglasses. These Costa Fantail glasses provide fuller glare protection and excellent camouflage design. Costa offers a limited lifetime warranty for purchasing their glasses.

When you have to go out on a long fishing tour, these best-polarized fishing sunglasses are the right choice. These sunglasses are very pleasing to the eyes. The lenses have improved colour and contrast while removing glare, and thus you will never miss any action when offshore. They resemble conventional sunglasses, and you will look modish when worn with a nice outfit. They are lightweight and have unique designs. The lens and frame are impact-resistant, scratch-resistant and are long-lasting.


  • Manufactured in the United States implies that they are of premium quality
  • The materials used are like any product made in the country
  • It provides greater clarity for easy viewing of objects in the water, particularly the fish
  • It is specially designed to provide enhanced vision and contrast, thus making them suitable for inshore fishing


  • Not a great fit for people with large-sized heads

Our Take

The Costa provides you with plenty of scopes by giving you a great look. The Costa Del Mar Fantail Sunglasses are designed exclusively for sports fishing, and it is the ideal choice for any angler. Even though they may be a slightly smaller version of Costa Del Mar's popular Blackfin glasses, nevertheless they are equally popular due to their usefulness in long fishing trips.

The lenses provide high clarity in vision as they are made of 580 Polycarbonate. The scratch and impact-resistant feature of the frame and lens makes it possible for us to wear it all day long. Costa's co-injected bio-based nylon material provided lightweight frames that add to the comfort of the wearer.

The design of the lenses' provides 100% polarization that immediately kills the reflected glare. These sunglasses are best for intense, bright, and full-sun situations. These are best suited for open waters such as the sea or big lakes. Moreover, these sunglasses also reduce eye strain as well.

However, these sunglasses do not provide a great fit for people with large heads. This is an issue with them, and hence people with big heads may find them to be too tight or too small. Thus achieving a great fit is an issue with them. Alternatively, one big advantage of Costa sunglasses is that they come with a lifetime warranty.


Costa Del Mar Blackfin Sunglasses

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThese best-polarized fishing sunglasses are not only an object of style but also help to uncover highway renowned underwater fish highway. Costa glasses are made of tough nylon and come with integral hinges. They are a hundred percent polarized and patented vent system.

These polarized sunglasses lets you see each one of the school of tuna that are present underwater and are ready to be caught by you. The Costa Del Mar Blackfin sunglasses block dangerous UV rays and protect your eyes from harsh glares as well.

In comparison with the conventional best-polarized lens for fishing, the Costa glass lenses are thinner and lighter. They resist scratches on the glasses. There is nothing as rewarding as fly fishing at the right time and the right place just to find the fish you were hunting for. Be thankful to the Costa sunglasses.


  • Durable nylon frame
  • Internal hinges
  • Manufacturer's lifetime warranty
  • Patented vented system
  • 100% UV protection


  • Very expensive

Our Take

Whether it is raining or the sun is shining brightly, you will certainly need the polarized best fishing sunglasses whenever and wherever you might be fishing. It is not just that; you will go for those sunglasses that satisfy your fashion needs too! And that is what Costa Del Mar Blackfin Sunglasses are all about.

There are lots of polarized sunglasses available in the market today. But most of them do not have enough UV protection, or they have flawed lenses made of poor quality material. Costa's sunglasses come with polycarbonate, which is high-quality plastic glasses. Thus, they ensure the best user experience without having to worry about UV exposure or reflection.

The stylish and modish frames of these polarized sunglasses provide a great and extremely comfortable fit while still being durable enough to withstand daily wear.


Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Running Cycling Fishing Golf Tr90 Unbreakable Frame

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThese sunglasses made, especially for sports activities, are suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities. They are light-weight yet durable, which gives users optimum comfort when using them. Not only that, its lenses are made of 100% UV400 sunglasses lens, which is dust-resistant. Glares from reflecting surfaces like pavements, snow, and glass are also reduced because of the filters that are incorporated in the lenses. This scratch-resistant, high-quality sunglasses are perfect for people who enjoy the outdoors. They come in multiple colors and are made for both men and women. The package comes with sunglasses, a soft microfiber pouch, and soft glasses cloth.


  • Light-weight
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Very inexpensive compared to other good quality sunglasses


  • Screws need readjusting after some time

Our Take

The features of the product are well designed and are made of high-quality materials. The gears used by people who are fond of the outdoors demand high durability since the nature of their activities are usually rough and physical. These glasses also combat the inconveniences brought about by the natural environment by its glare-reduction feature. It is not only a good vision that makes it worth it but, more importantly, the safety it brings by reducing the glare from shiny surfaces that hurt the eyes. Now, doing outdoor activities, like fishing, is much easier because my eyes are not hurt. The different array of colors also gives us options to choose whatever style we want. The comfort brings because of the light-weight frame makes me feel like I do not even have them on. They are also easy to clean, and after just a simple wipe with the soft glasses cloth that comes with the package, they are again good as new. I will not hesitate to buy them again in the future. You can add this product to your list for a cheap yet amazing gifts list. More than that, the product warranty guarantees a lifetime free repair. The outdoors can be unpredictable, so any kind of repairs that you would need can be easily availed in their service centers. For just $21, it is not hard to say that these sunglasses are a steal!


Suncloud Milestone Polarized Sunglass with Polycarbonate Lens

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThese sunglasses come in a light-weight plastic frame that wraps around your head comfortably. The lenses are made of polycarbonate materials which are scratch and impact resistant, and are also light-weight. With its 100% UV protection, these polarized lenses protect your eyes from the glaring sun and other shiny surfaces. The area of the frame that touches the nose bridge has attached nose pads, which prevents the glasses from leaving a mark on your nose after a long time of using it. Users can also customize the lenses to fit their own needs and prescriptions.


  • Perfect fit
  • Good for everyday use


  • Relatively more expensive than typical mall glasses

Our Take

The special features of this pair of sunglasses offer additional comfort to the user. The nose pads on the frame are noteworthy because they prevent slipping and falling off. On top of that, it is true that the marks on your nose that are naturally caused by wearing sunglasses are minimized. This could also be credited to the light-weight material of the frame, and the pads on the nose area. The fit is perfect, especially if you plan on wearing them under a protective helmet whether for biking or riding a motorcycle. The slick frame fits comfortably between the surface of the head and underneath the helmet, without causing unnecessary pressing feeling. I also have noticed that the glare caused by shiny surfaces is greatly minimized whenever I have these sunglasses on. It really is suitable for everyday use, whether you just plan on taking a stroll, commuting, or driving. It seems like you won’t even notice having them on! The frame could also fit even a large person’s head, which is why I would recommend it to people who usually have a hard time looking for frames that could fit them. However, the price is relatively expensive as compared to sunglasses you can commonly find. $50 could be pricey, but you are indeed paying for the comfort that a $200 sunglasses would bring. Worth a try!

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GREY JACK Sports Style Polarized Sunglasses Al-Mg Metal Frame Ultra Light for Men & Women

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentFor only a low price, these glasses offer features that are found in sunglasses that would usually cost double. It assures 100% protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays that hurt the eyes. The frame is ultra light-weight, weighing only 21g as a whole. Beyond that, the use of high quality materials like aluminium-magnesium alloy makes it harder than the typical sunglasses sold around. They resist scratch, and are hard to break and are durable. The lenses are made up of 7 layers of Triacetate TAC which are more resistant to harsh light than other types of lenses and have better impact resistance. Both for men and women, these sunglasses are best suited for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.


  • Ultra lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Comfortable to use


  • Might slightly slip off if it is not your size

Our Take

The ultra lightweight feature is almost unbelievable! It is one of the least heavy sunglasses among other kinds of its price. They come with rubberized frames and nose pieces that allows for it to sit comfortably on your nose bridge. The rubber also stops it from falling off your face despite sweating or rain. Highly recommendable for fishing activities! The tint on the lenses is optimal for daily use, because it retains the sharpness and clarity of your vision. They are also great for driving around in broad daylight, because it reduces the harshness of the sun and also protects your eyes from the harmful UVA/UVB rays. Overall packaging is exquisite, especially compared to other sunglasses that cost just $20. The glasses are very easy to clean using the glasses cloth that comes with it upon delivery. Admittedly, I did not expect it to deliver such benefits for its price. I am glad to say I am wrong. Just make sure it fits you perfectly, or else you will not be able to get the best features if it keeps slipping off your head. If you are on the slightly larger side of being an average male, then these would be a good deal for you. The company also guarantees a 30 day money back guarantee shall you receive a pair that does not satisfy the standards expected of it as a brand new item. I will definitely repurchase!

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TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men Women Cycling Running Driving Fishing Golf Baseball Glasses 100% UV Protection TR23

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThese Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses are fashionable and stylish, on top of being designed for outdoor and sports activities. The polarized lenses guarantee to eliminate reflected and scattered glares from the surrounding surfaces during daytime. Made with 100% UV400 protection coating, it blocks 100% harmful UVA and UVB rays while restoring true colors from the surroundings. Its 7-layered TAC lenses offer valuable features fit for people who usually stay under the sun. These layers add up to its polarization, durability, and UV protection layers to absorb UV light. The two outermost layers are the shatterproof layers which protects the other layers from being damaged.


  • Cheap
  • Good casing
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Could be small for big body types

Our Take

The first noticeable thing about these glasses is the packaging. Usually, sunglasses of this price come with soft microfiber casings, which are great for scratch resistance but are not ideal for protecting the glasses when placed inside the bag while traveling. The Torege sunglasses came with both the soft and the hard casings which encompasses both the anti-scratch and protection features that sunglasses need when they are being stored. The design of the frame enables a nice fit around the head, which makes it good for boating and fishing activities. The grip it has makes it less likely to slip off of your head and fall into the water. However, the frame is quite on the shorter side, which extends just slightly beyond your earlobes. While this is not a problem for me, it could potentially cause discomfort for people who are on the larger side. The lenses are commendable because it absorbs the harshness of the glares caused by some surfaces when you go out during daytime. For its price point, the lenses exceeded expectations.
I would highly recommend this as a gift as well, because it is not expensive but it is of good quality over all. Another additional benefit is the 60 day money back guarantee that is being offered by Torege if the customer finds it unsatisfactory or if it has factory defects. For only $20, it is definitely worth the try.

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INFI Fishing Polarized Sunglasses for Men Driving Running Golf Sports Glasses Square UV Protection Designer Style Unisex

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThese INFI sunglasses are highly recommended for outdoor activities such as fishing, driving, hiking, running and leisure. Its lenses assures 99.5% polarizing effect, with mirror coating on the outside. When used outdoors, it could still perform with stability despite high and low temperature points, and even on humid days. They are designed to be scratch resistant and durable alongside the comfort it brings. They come in shiny black or blue colors that certainly match the youthful spirit of men who enjoy the outdoors. For only $35, the packaging comes with the sunglasses, glasses case, sunglasses strap, soft glasses cloth, and soft Microfiber pouch.


  • Does not leave markings on the face
  • Comes with a sunglasses strap
  • Good casing


  • It could slip off occasionally

Our Take

The quality of the lenses of these sunglasses could be comparable to high end brands. That being said, I am pretty impressed with the benefits it has given me considering its relatively low price point. The frame fits comfortably well and are also light-weight. Beyond that, it does not look bulky as compared to other sunglasses that are made for outdoor activities. However, they do not come with a nose piece or nose pad that could prevent it from slipping off. This could be a downside if you plan on wearing it for boating or fishing activities. Although, the sunglasses strap that came with the package was pretty handy. When attached to the glasses, the strap could be worn on your neck to prevent it from falling off. It also does note leave a mark on your face, unlike some frames that are structured in other ways. The lenses are very well designed, because they block off harsh lights and the glaring reflections on the water. These are pretty good for fishing, when it comes to the lenses.

I would recommend this as a gift for a friend because even the casing is presentable and gift worthy! The price is average, but it actually looks expensive and classy. This would certainly fit you if you plan on presenting yourself as someone who is on the chill side and laid back even outdoors!


YIMI Polarized Photochromic Driving z87 Sunglasses

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThese driving sunglasses by YIMI is not a mere fashion item, but a sports equipment that is essential for most outdoor activities. Its best and unique feature are the photochromic lenses which were designed based on real environmental conditions today. The intensity of sunlight and ultraviolet rays were carefully studied in order for the lenses to be constructed carefully, ready to absorb the harm these natural factors may bring. These glasses protect the eyes without compromising your ability to perceive the colors in your vision. By blocking the harsh glares from shiny surfaces in broad daylight, it enables you to appreciate the surroundings better. The frame is made of metal, and is light-weight, unlike most metal frames. For additional comfort, silicone nose pads stop the metal material from touching the skin.


  • Both for day and night
  • Very good appearance
  • Photochromic


  • Frame could snap under pressure

Our Take

Right off the bat, these sunglasses look very classy and sporty at the same time! They are very light-weight, making them comfortable for wearing the whole day. People would always comment on how they look great when worn because of its neat and minimalist appearance. The photochromic lenses are simply the best. Basically, they only darken up when the light gets too harsh. This is beneficial for outdoor activities like fishing, biking and running. It allows you to enjoy the sun without hurting your eyes. More than that, it also could be used during the night. If you think sunglasses are only for the day, these YIMI photochromic glasses will prove you wrong. Overall, it reduces eye fatigue because it adjusts the level of light absorption for your eyes. The silicone nose pads made them even better because of how comfortably it sits on the nose bridge. Usually, people avoid metal frames because they can be harsh on the skin especially with constant touching and sweating. Because of the nose pads, these glasses do not slip off your face and the metal frame does not leave dents on your skin despite wearing it all day long. For only $20, these glasses are definitely worth it! I would recommend this as a gift as well because of how good the quality is, and how inexpensive it is. The casing also makes it look pretty presentable!


PONOSOON Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men Women for Cycling Running Fishing Golf TR90 Frame 010

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThese Ponosoon sunglasses are designed for both men and women who enjoy the outdoors. It is suitable for a wide range of activities like cycling, running, fishing and golf. The lenses are built with 100% UV400 protection coating, which blocks 100% harmful UVA and UVB rays that could cause eye fatigue. On top of that, it restores true color and lessens the harshness of glaring reflections ang scattered light. The Cool Rimless jacket frame is light-weight and enables better lower vision field. The frame comes with a nose pad made of rubber which makes it comfortable when sitting on your nose bridge. For only $15, you have good quality sunglasses with 30 day money back guarantee if unsatisfactory.


  • Fits a wide range of sizes
  • Low cost
  • Good for eyes that are sensitive from the sun


  • The lenses could make the surroundings dark

Our Take

The shape of the frame enables a very good fit around the head. It mimics a hugging position which allows it to have a good grip, lessening the chances of it falling. The lenses help you see better in harsh daylight because it eliminates harsh glares from being absorbed by your eye. However, the lenses are in the darker shade. If that is what you are looking for in your sunglasses, this would be a good deal for you. The design is ideal for outdoor activities that require you to move quite often, because they do not slip off at all. That being said, these glasses would help a lot for fishing, riding a motorcycle, biking, and hiking. The frame is very durable and is easy to store because they are soft and flexible. The size range fits a wide range of individuals as well. So, you do not have to worry too much about it not fitting you because the flexibility aspect will work on your side. It also comes with a case that could be zipped if you have to store it while traveling. In short, these sunglasses offer a fair benefit for its price point. For people whose eyes are very sensitive, this is a steal. There is no harm in testing this out because Ponosoon offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you do not find it satisfying.

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Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men and Women - UV400 Protective and Glare Blocking - w. Bundle

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThese glasses are designed to protect the eyes from UV lights and glare that come from surfaces that reflect light which could cause fatigue to the eyes. Its ultra light weight component of being only 23 g makes it comfortable to wear. The frame is built as one piece, wherein the nose rest is molded in to optimize durability. The material used for the frame is polycarbonate, a popular material known for its strength to withstand stress. Because its shape allows it to wrap snugly around the eyes, these sunglasses could be suitable for a wide range of physical activities like trekking, fishing, running, biking, and many more.


  • Does not fall off
  • Very durable
  • Comes with many accessories


  • Not for people who often take their sunglasses off

Our Take

If you are a very active person who takes on many adventurous physical activities, these glasses are for you. It snugs completely around your eyes, that it is almost impossible for it to fall off just by itself. Perfect for trekking, running, biking, boating and fishing, it is merely hard to find another pair which could beat its durability at its price point. Along with it in the package are a soft cloth for cleaning, a neck strap, a multipurpose sun visor car clip, and a hard case for storing. The cloth makes it easy to clean, and the care instructions even specified that you can use soap when cleaning it, unlike other sunglasses with weaker materials. Its case is also helpful in keeping it protected when being stored. However, the strap the comes with it is unnecessary because it falls off the frame of the glasses easily. Although, this poses no real harm because the design is enough for it to have a good grip around your head while you are doing outdoor activities. A car clip could be beneficial if you like using them while driving and would occasionally want to take them off, but it is not an ideal place for storing it in the long term. I would recommend it to active people. The company also offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you find it unsatisfying.


Duduma Polarized Designer Fashion Sports Sunglasses for Baseball Cycling Fishing Golf Tr62 Superlight Frame

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThese sunglasses look very aesthetically pleasing, but that is not even the best part about it yet! Its lenses are made of materials that blocks off 100% harmful UVA and UBA rays that strain the eye. Made with 7 layers, each layer is developed specifically to give the best protection to its users. Durability, scratch-resistance, and creative color combinations are assured of you if you purchase this product. Its rimless jacket frame design also allows one to have clear lower vision field. On top of its fashion and design, these sunglasses are perfect for running, biking, fishing, trekking, and many other outdoor activities.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Light weight
  • Affordable


  • Does not come with a hard protective case

Our Take

Admittedly, I did not have high expectations with these sunglasses because I usually spend more for a pair. I was ready to compromise good quality because I did not think one can find a good deal for less than $20. Luckily, I was wrong!. On the surface level, the aesthetics put into this product is very well thought of and unique. The lenses curve into a certain shape in order to absorb more UV rays in different angles. Glares are minimized because of the polarized lenses as well. This puts it on a higher pedestal as compared to other sunglasses at its price point. Its colors are customizable, giving customers many options as to what color they like the most. The frame is also very light-weight, giving you a comfortable feeling while looking great. I almost do not feel them on my face. The way it is designed does not leave any marking on your face even if you wear it the whole day. My only suggestion is, they would put it in a packaging that can protect it from being broken while one is travelling. When I bought it, it came in a microfiber soft case. While this is protecting it from being scratched, it can still be damaged by other things. It is easy to maintain and clean after a long day under the sun. Over all, I would recommend this to people. Very worth it!


Flying Fisherman Cove Polarized Sunglasses with AcuTint UV Blocker for Fishing and Outdoor Sports

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThese sunglasses especially designed for fishing is built with AcuTint polarized lens system. The lenses are hard coated an improved scratch resistance feature. Your eyes are also protected from UVA and UVB rays that cause strain on the eyes. Perfect for fishing and other outdoor activities, these sunglasses have polarized lenses that eliminate glares and scattered light to be absorbed by your eyes directly. With a matte navy frame and smoke colored lenses, it is no surprise that it would look aesthetically pleasing and would complement your outdoor enthusiasm. For less than $15, these glasses will change your comfort in the outdoors!


  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • Scratch resistant


  • Does not come with a case
  • Inaccurate description online

Our Take

The first thing that attracted me towards this pair of sunglasses is its relatively cheaper price as compared to the other ones that offer quite the same features as it does. It only costs $13, while the others are around $20 or more. I really have to commend the polarization in the lenses because it beats the ones that even cost more. However, the frame size is not exactly the same as what was stated in the product description when I looked it up before purchasing. That poses no real harm on me, but maybe it would to others who are very particular with the sizes. The small inaccuracy on the sizes does not bother me at all. In fact, you can immediately feel the coolness in your eyes the moment you put them on in the middle of a hot day. Over all, I would highly recommend this to people who are likely exposed to situations that are under the sun. Our eyes need ample protection from the harmful UV rays and this pair has been very good in protecting mine so far. Truly great for fishing and activities with your family outdoors. Beyond that, you also have one year warranty if ever it needs adjustments or repairing. I would recommend this to my friends highly! If sunglasses could be this cheap and offer good quality, I would not purchase more expensive ones again.


Flying Fisherman Maverick Polarized Sunglasses with AcuTint UV Blocker for Fishing and Outdoor Sports

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThese Flying Fisherman sunglasses are scratch resistant, light-weight, and durable, which makes them ideal for a variety of outdoor activities. The frame is made up of polycarbonate, a material that is hard to break. Because it is not heavy, wearing it feels comfortable even if it sits long enough on your face. This is important for sunglasses made for the outdoors because they are usually worn for long periods of time. Designed for fishing and other outdoor routines, this pair of sunglasses can protect your eyes from the harms of UVA and UVB rays. With the polarized triacetate lenses, your comfort and enthusiasm for the outdoors will be taken to the next level!


  • Cheap
  • Good protection from UV rays
  • Good polarization


  • Does not come with a case

Our Take

Fishing and other outdoor activities require protective equipment because exposing our bodies under the sun for long may cost us our health. However, it is not uncommon for people to disregard their bodies because products that are protective are usually expensive. Our eyes are very important in these scenarios, yet we often overlook them. These sunglasses are a good deal because they offer the same amount of protection as other high-end brands but they cost significantly cheaper. For only $13, I am very satisfied with the comfort this pair has given me. The lenses are also scratch-resistant, which is ideal for something you would wear to an outdoor activity like fishing. The frame is light-weight, and they do not feel disturbing on my face. They are easy to clean towards the end of the day. However, I am quite disappointed because it does not come with a case. Outdoor activities usually require travelling, in which case the glasses would have been better protected if it came with something you can store it in. It would also increase its life if it could be stored in its case even at home. I would recommend this to people if the absence of the case does not inconvenience you. Over all, I still like this product because of the benefits the sunglasses give me. I also can have this repaired within a year for free because it is still covered in the warranty.

Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

Joshua is our senior staff writer for Fishing.org and Shooting.org. He is an avid hunter, clay shooter and amateur photographer.