12 Best Fishing Watches

As an active person who always engages in outdoor activities like fishing, watches are not just a fashionable element. In fact, it's beyond that. If you're fishing, you use your watch beyond its aesthetic and time-telling function. Your watch should include specialized features made particularly for fishing, and in this article, we'll tackle the five most recommended fishing watches for starters and experts.

A good fishing watch should be able to have a few basic functionalities. Of course, the first in the list is accurate time-telling capability. A watch's primary function is to tell time, and if you're venturing into the open waters, knowing the time "accurately" is extremely important, especially in approximating the tides.

Secondly, the watch should sport a bright display that enables you to see against the glaring brightness of the sun along with deep water resistance that could withstand throughout your fishing activity. And for a better understanding of your environment, a good fishing watch comes with a built-in barometric pressure indicator.

More sophisticated watches even have features beyond those enumerated above. Some have built-in thermostats and GPS systems. Others have a moon phases calendar.

That being said, fishing watches provide service more than the typical watches can. So without further ado, let's dive into the best watches that I can find for you to consider.

12 Best Fishing Watches

1. Fishing Master - Fish Alarm Storm alart Altimeter Barometer Weather Monitor Watch
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2. SUNROAD Men's Waterproof Altimeter Digital Watch
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3. CakCity Mens Digital Sports Watch
4. Casio Men's G7900-1 G-Shock
5. Timex Expedition Shock XL Watch
6. Suunto Traverse Alpha
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7. Suunto Traverse
8. Casio Men's Pro Trek PRW2500R Tough Solar Digital Sport Watch
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9. SUUNTO Core All Black Military Men's Outdoor Sports Watch
10. Timex Expedition Shock XL Watch
11. PALADA Men's Digital Sports Watch Waterproof Tactical Watch with LED Backlight
12. Casio Men's Outgear watch #AMW703D1A
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Fishing Master - Fish Alarm Storm alart Altimeter Barometer Weather Monitor Watch

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Lad Weather Fishing Master is a comprehensive fishing watch that sport all fishing elements experts look for in a watch. It's packed with weather monitoring functions and fishing spot data to ensure continuous fishing activity.


  • Comprehensive
  • Budget-friendly
  • Weather Monitoring Functions
  • Stylish
  • Data Features


  • The display needs a bit of improvement.

Our Take

When it comes to fishing watches, Lad Weather has proven its place as one of the best manufacturers for water-resistant and weather monitoring watches.

The Lad Weather Fishing Watch is designed as a stylish fishing companion that understands the environmental factors affecting your fishing experience, along with capabilities that are only present in more expensive watches.

The watch is made of a combination of Plastic, Alloy, and Stainless steel in sleek black watch design. It has beneficial features such as Fishing alarm, Storm alarm, Altimeter, Barometer, Thermometer, Weather forecast, Stopwatch, Timer, and an Alarm clock system. Lad Weather watch helps you stay on track, making sure that you make the most out of your fishing trips.

The fishing alarm feature is phenomenal since you can input up to six fishing locations. The watch will intelligently turn on an alarm when the areas are prime for fishing at a given hour. This smart function helps you approximate whether or not a central location is good for fishing even before you go there, which eventually saves your time and energy.

Its built-in weather forecast and storm alarm is also a great feature that this watch offers. Being able to provide accurate and timely weather forecasts and alert you if a storm is coming could be a lifesaver.

The sleek design is not just for aesthetic purposes too. While this watch enables multiple button adjustments, they are ergonomically designed to prevent them from resetting accidentally with your movement as you do your fishing. While now and then, an accidental reset may happen, it doesn't happen as often as other watches. With an affordable price tag at $61.60, this watch is a great deal that does its jobs perfectly.

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SUNROAD Men's Waterproof Altimeter Digital Watch

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentSUNROAD's wristwatch is a multi-functional fishing watch. The watch sports a good 50M water-resistant feature, along with SMART TRACKING features that track air pressure, temperature, and fishing water depth of up to six locations. The wristwatches come with competitive functions such as barometer, altimeter, thermometer, and weather forecast.


  • Multi-functional
  • Competitive Smart Tracking Features
  • Stylish and built with quality materials


  • Water-resistant could not withstand long-term submersion
  • Too big or bulky

Our Take

The SUNROAD Men's Waterproof Wristwatches is another excellent deal. If you're a person who loves color, the Sunroad fishing watch is definitely for you. This stainless steel alloy watch comes in five different accent colors: Black, Red, Blue, Gold, and Orange. The bright color adds a flair of personality to your fishing attire, and the wide variety of available colors is perfect for different moods.

In terms of the technical aspect of this watch, Sunroad prides itself on manufacturing high quality yet affordable outdoor watches. This specific watch is designed with a focus on accurate air pressure measurement to help you fish at the right time and area. (Note: Air pressure affects the activities and appetite of fish in a particular area.) With an emphasis on accuracy, the SUNROAD wristwatch is probably one of the most competitive in the market.

SUNROAD's smart tracking is an impressive feat that's customizable up to six preferred fishing locations. Once inputted, the watch promptly displays relevant information such as air pressure, temperature, and fishing water depth to help you decide if it's perfect for fishing. It also has a barometer, altimeter, thermometer, weather forecast, time, and date functions.

Just like many other fishing watches, this specific watch has been designed to be waterproof in daily use. Washing your hands or dipping the watch in shallow waters wouldn't be any problem. However, it's water-resistant is a little bit on the downside since it could not withstand long-term submersion. However, if you don't plan to dive into deep waters with your watch, this shouldn't be an issue.

Photos of the watch may a little be misleading because it appears smaller in pictures than it is in person. So if you plan to buy this watch, you have to consider that it has a bigger diameter. Nonetheless, SUNROAD's wristwatches are one of the most practical fishing watches that are available in the market right now.

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CakCity Mens Digital Sports Watch

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThis CakCity Men's Digital Sports Watch is a budget-friendly, sporty dial designed watch that is perfect for fishing enthusiasts, especially for beginners. This watch gives you the essential time-telling functions and features reliable for both indoor and outdoor sports. Its water-resistant capabilities go up to 164ft/50M, along with Shock resistance to prevent damage. The CakCity Men's Digital Sports Watch also provides essential functions such as alarm, stopwatch, and calendar, accompanied by a Super Luminous Design that makes time-telling efficient at all times.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Luminous Design
  • Good Water and Shock Resistance
  • Stylish


  • Limited functions

Our Take

If you are a beginner with no budget to start with your fishing journey, then this waterproof illuminating watch is a perfect fit for you. Priced at a little above $12, this the cheapest yet best quality for the price point that I can find.

On the surface, this watch is not necessarily designed for fishing, specifically, at least. However, I think that it is essential that beginners, and those who don't have a huge budget, can get something out of this list.

It would be evident that this watch is not as impressive as fishing watches. However, it deserves to be here because I feel like it is a good alternative for expensive watches equipped with unique features like barometers and thermometers.

This LED digital military watch is pretty simple. It is equipped with a luminous display, alarm clock, week, calendar, and stopwatch function. Amidst its lack of technical features, this watch compensates so much in the reliability of its time-telling system. It has a beautiful luminous display that would allow you to look at it with ease, even at night. Most importantly, it's waterproof up to 164Ft / 50M deep. In most cases, this watch can withstand daily use in a wet environment.

What this military watch lacks in technical features, it makes up with style. The sleek design is very modern and can be worn with casual garments to add some flare to the outfit. The black body and strap are a perfect complement to the neon blue digital laminating display, adding an exciting flavor to its look.

In the end, this watch is a basic wristwatch. However, for its purpose - that is to tell time accurately -- it is excellent. So if you are on a tight budget, this one is an excellent alternative to expensive fishing watches.


Casio Men's G7900-1 G-Shock

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Casio Men's G7900-1 G-Shock is a suitable watch for professional marine activity. Its water-resistant capabilities go up to 200m or 660 ft, which is perfect for any water sports -- excluding scuba diving. The watch has a digital display with four-point design protection, made with a 50mm resin case with a mineral dial window that can withstand movements during fishing. The Casio Men's G7900-1 G-Shock is convenient to use. Its large buttons and accessible display format allows you to switch functions such as moon- and tide-phase data quickly.


  • Water-Resistant goes up to 200m (660ft)
  • Sturdy design
  • Convenient
  • Shock-Resistant


  • Limited functions

Our Take

When it comes to watches, Casio is an institution. This is the reason why this watch is one of the best that you can get and the most modern in terms of design and style.

G-Shock's have been on trend for the last few years, but little did everyone know, this watch line is not only for fashion. It is also a beneficial fishing watch!

When you look at the Casio G-Shock watch, you will immediately feel that it exudes a very sporty and adventurous feel. This black resin model, specifically, is the epitome of stylish fishing.

But of course, as a watch used for fishing, this watch has technical functions that is comparable to traditional fishing watches. This model has an excellent New Four Point Design Protection with Large Buttons & Display Format with Tide & Moon Data display. The watch sport a Shock Resistant feature that protects it from unexpected bumps during fishing. At 200m, this watch is Water Resistant and Low-Temperature Resistant that is well-suited for your extreme fishing activity.

Of course, the ergonomically designed LCD has Auto EL Backlight with Afterglow that allows you to see the time clearly after dark or amidst the glare of the sun. Furthermore, it is equipped with a Tide Graph that displays the tide level for specific date and time, as well as Moon Data (moon age of the input data moon phase graph).

Let's not forget that the aesthetics of this watch is very hip and resonates with a younger demographic. Its casual look makes it great not only for fishing but also for everyday use.

This watch is definitely for someone young and trendy with the heart for good old fishing.


Timex Expedition Shock XL Watch

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Expedition Shock XL Watch is another basic digital watch that performs well in wet environments. It has a water-resistant of up to 200m that is suitable for professional marine activity. Just like your other digital watches, it sports a 24-hour military time mode -- including three time zones. Primary functions include alarms, hydration timer, and stopwatch. Expedition's shock-resistant is one of the most competitive in the market. It follows the I.S.O standards to ensure performance. What makes the Expedition Shock XL Watch stand out is its attention to detail. The watch is made of a 50mm resin case with an acrylic lens and 22mm resin straps with a good battery life that could last up to ten years.


  • Negative Digital Display
  • Durable
  • Good water-resistant and shock-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • I.S.O compliant
  • Handy
  • Battery Life


  • Limited features regarding fishing

Our Take

Timex watches have proven their place in the hall of fame for watches. This watch manufacturer has been known with a reputation for creating revolutionary timepieces that speaks quality, even if most of their products are priced at a very affordable range.

One great example of the legacy of Timex as a revolutionary watch brand is the Expedition Shock line. It is one of the best watches you can get if you are starting into fishing. It may not have high-powered features like barometers and air pressure indicators; this watch does the job of being a reliable time teller for young and hip fishers out there.

Uniquely designed with the chronograph functionality of the Timex Expedition Digital collection, this watch allows you to track your personal bests. It is excellent for people who are training to become successful in any activity. It can record your best time, which you can later revisit to see your progress.

But that's not the best feature for this watch. Expedition Shock sports a revolutionary Indiglo back-light technology and has since been changing how the world tells the time in the dark. Being able to see the time at night easily is essential for fishers who are braving the sea and the lakes in the dark. It is one of the many live-saving artilleries you should get. Hence, investing in a watch that has a good night display can go a long way.

Other features of this watch include a 100-hour chronograph; 24-hour countdown timer; 3 vibrating & audible daily, weekday or weekend alarms; shock resistant to I.S.O. Standards.

In terms of aesthetics, the black resin cover of the Expedition Shock watch from Timex is very sleek and modern. It eludes a sense of class with a great balance of casual and playful personality. With a $53 price tag, this watch should be a great contender for the best that you can get.


Suunto Traverse Alpha

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Suunto Traverse Alpha is a well-designed watch that features a rugged, knurled stainless steel bezel, durable water repellent nylon strap, and a premium scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. The watch combines a muscular quality build with a full set of outdoor features. It is your guide in the wild, keeping you on track with GPS/GLONASS navigation. At the same time, specific hunting and fishing features provide useful tools for your activity, including automatic shot detection, moon phase calendar, sunrise alert, weather trend alert, and red backlight for nighttime use. It also features a fishing specific point of interest types to mark trails and essential fishing locations and spots.


  • Great GPS, Time-telling, and tech features
  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable and stylish design


  • Can be a little expensive for some

Our Take

When judging whether a fishing watch is of high quality, there are a few things that it needs to satisfy. The most important among these factors is its accuracy in time-telling and its GPS reading. For my experience as well as through in-depth research on GPS watches, the Suunto Traverse Alpha has one of the most accurate GPS readings among the fishing watches available in the market. In fact, this watch is everything that an Apple watch needs to be. It is a smartwatch with good battery life and with functional features that my phone cannot do off the grid. This watch doesn't need your phone to get a GPS location, altitude, compass, or barometer measurement. It functions like any standard GPS. It also has an impressive battery life where I have used it for two days, and it still got a 93% charge in it. Furthermore, when I read the manual, it said that as you keep connecting to satellites over time, the watch will become even faster at connecting. This part is true. I've never had a GPS of any kind do that before. Really great that it can do that, so I know it will work great even when walking through thick trees.

The textile band, textured bezel, and Sapphire Crystal are other things added to the watch that contribute to the increased cost compared to the older model, which is totally worth it. The smooth bezel on the older model would show scratches more when they happen. The textured bezel gives it a more rugged look and will show fewer signs of wear over time. The sapphire crystal gives you more scratch resistance and more clarity on the screen, and the textile band feels nicer on your wrist than the silicone band on the older model.

With great tech capabilities, a stylish aesthetic, and a price tag in the middle of the watch range, this watch is definitely a snatch!

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Suunto Traverse

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Suunto Traverse is a stylish outdoor watch that is simple to use, with quick access to key features, allowing you to enjoy the moment. The watch is designed, tested, and hand-built in Finland and is water-resistant to 100 m/330 ft. The composite case feels light on the wrist, and the stainless steel bezel protects the recessed screen. It features a Barometric trend reading that predicts weather changes and storm alarm that alerts you when it's time to find shelter. Sunrise and sunset times keep you informed of the available daylight hours. When darkness sets in, the backlight in flashlight mode helps you find your essentials or check a map.


  • Accurate GPS, Time, and other tech readings
  • Cheaper than similar products
  • Long battery life
  • Sleek aesthetics


  • Prone to wear and abrasions

Our Take

This watch has been one great beast. When it comes to outdoor watches, Suunto is a name you can trust. The same is true with its Traverse line. It sports a sleek army-inspired rustic design that still remains a classic in outdoor accessories until now. But more than its aesthetic prowess, this watch is filled with awesome features that are not only best when you are in the sea to catch bass and trout but also when you are in the streets rocking your swag.

After testing the product, I found out that, like most watches, the Altimeter needs a reference and/or some fiddling with. The compass is spot on once calibrated, just make sure to set your proper declination for your area. The GPS functionality worked better than expected, especially with the Movescount app. The app is lacking in some features I would like to see but does the job.

This is a great watch with a lot of features and a battery that will last 6-15 days, depending on the settings. Remember, if your battery is depleting quickly, its probably a setting. Make sure to set your GPS accuracy to "good" to retain decent battery life—all in all, a great, yet comfortable watch that does not feel heavy on the wrist. Take the plunge...you won't be dissatisfied.


Casio Men's Pro Trek PRW2500R Tough Solar Digital Sport Watch

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Casio Men's Pro Trek PRW2500R Tough Solar Digital Sport Watch is an authentic gear for the outdoor adventurer. This watch is produced to be water-resistant up to 200M and has a chronograph display. It also features a tough solar power that captures the energy of the sun to power the watch. It boasts its multi-band six atomic timekeeping technology with a duplex lc display. Casio Tough Solar watches are battery-powered. The battery is recharged by a solar panel built into the face of the watch. The bezel is also imprinted with directional markings to help when taking bearing measurements. For easy viewing of Triple Sensor data such as direction, atmospheric pressure, temperature, altitude, and eventide & moon data, a duplex LCD display and full auto EL backlight are employed.


  • Accurate ABC readings
  • Long battery life of up to 23 months
  • Battery rechargeable with solar power


  • Can be very bulky in the hand

Our Take

For emphasis, the main purpose of bringing a watch when fishing is for you to know the accurate time when you need to. The Casio Men's Pro Trek PRW2500R Tough Solar Digital Sport Watch is a reliable one to do the job. Since this watch has a 6-band atomic receiver, it does just that as long as it is capable of receiving the calibration signal.

I have found the ABC sensors on this particular watch to be very accurate, of particular note is the compass and barometer, including the thermometer. Reading other reviews, several customers remark that the thermometer is not accurate while attached to the user's arm, which is understandable because the human body emits heat that can cause a change in the thermometer readings. It takes this watch approximately 20 minutes to acclimate itself (while removed from the user's wrist) to the ambient temperature and provides the user with a very accurate temperature. The barometer measures in both Hecto-Pascals and inches of mercury depending on user selection, both readings have been extremely accurate; it also provides a trend graphic on the home screen and provides "extreme" barometer indicators for a rapidly falling/rising barometer should the situation arise. The altimeter feature is where most folks get hung-up despite the model of watch, and it's simply because their expectations are too high.

All in all, the verdict is straightforward: this watch is a great buy. It has a muted design made of durable materials, and it serves its purpose when it comes to accurate data reading. Casio did not disappoint us with this watch.

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SUUNTO Core All Black Military Men's Outdoor Sports Watch

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe SUUNTO Core All Black Military Men's Outdoor Sports Watch is a military-style outdoor watch that keeps you informed of conditions. At the same time, you hike, bike, or camp, making it a terrific companion for outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes. It can sense an approaching squall even when the sky looks clear. This intelligent Storm Alarm-one of several smart features designed to keep you safe and secure--is activated by a rapid drop in air pressure over three hours. Once the Core senses the change, the Storm Alarm sounds and flashes, letting you know that something unpleasant is fast approaching. The built-in altimeter, meanwhile, displays your current elevation, shows how much you've climbed or descended, and records your entire session for later analysis. Accurate to within 30,000 feet, the altimeter is a valuable tool for mountaineering, backcountry skiing, and wilderness travel. Add in such additional features as a barometer, a digital thermometer, a weather trend indicator, and a digital compass, and you have a terrific wrist-top computer for almost all your outdoor needs.


  • Stylish army look
  • Not as expensive as other Suunto watches
  • Accurate ABC readings


  • Straps can be damaged with rough use

Our Take

Outdoor watches need to be functional, accurate, and stylish; that is why the SUUNTO Core All Black Military Men's Outdoor Sports Watch is one of the best in the market right now.

After prolonged use of this watch, you can definitely see how durable and well-made it is. The watch head is very durable, and all the features work as advertised. But what exactly makes Suunto watches stand out from other brands? It's the accuracy of its ABC readings. First of all, the time reading for this watch is very accurate. When it comes to its GPS, barometer, and altimeter readings, it has one of the most reliable. Most of the online reviews about the product suggested the same, so I believe the ABC readings of this watch can be relied upon.

Now, one of the areas of concern of this watch is regarding its straps, which can easily be damaged based on some reviews. How ever, I figured out that the strap is not bad at all. It's a matter of how careful you use the product that matters. Besides, with the price range that it is in now, it's definitely worthy!


Timex Expedition Shock XL Watch

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Timex Expedition Shock XL Watch is made with adjustable black 22mm resin strap fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference and fitted with a 100-hour chronograph; 24-hour countdown timer; vibrating & audible daily, weekday or weekend alarms; and shock-resistant features that subscribe to I.S.O. Standards. It can be set to 24-hour military time mode, three time zones, occasion reminders, hydration timer, and month, day & date calendar. The display is made with a black 50mm resin case with acrylic lenses that is a negative digital display with Indiglo light-up watch dial. It is also water-resistant to 200m (660 ft) and is suitable for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports.


  • Accurate time telling
  • Stylish look
  • Water-resistant up to 200m


  • The display can be dark without a strong light source like the sun

Our Take

Water-resistance is one of the most obvious reasons why you need to have a specialized watch when you go fishing. That is why you need a watch like the Timex Expedition Shock XL Watch. It is water-resistant up to 200m and is perfect if you are going on a fishing trip where your hands and your arms are constantly submerged in water. Some watches that claim that they are "water-resistant" are not as waterproof as they claim to be, but this one is. One proof to that is the watch's ISO certificate, which means that it has passed the international standards of quality.

The watch is very comfortable and stylish. I don't ever use any function on digital watches other than the date and time, and I like it to be very big on display and not filled with a bunch of excess stuff that I don't need. So in that regard, this watch is fantastic. The main screen displays the date and time very large, with no other complications there. However, I would prefer it if the display was brighter. It is almost like a photo negative where the background is dark, and the digits displayed are light. It can make it hard to read at a quick glance and sometimes requires extra focus to read.

All in all, if you want a stylish, comfortable watch that is very rugged and simple, especially compared to a lot of G Shock options, and you can live with the dark display, this is a good choice.


PALADA Men's Digital Sports Watch Waterproof Tactical Watch with LED Backlight

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe PALADA Men's Digital Sports Watch Waterproof Tactical Watch with LED Backlight has a fashionable sporty dial design, military-style outlook. It displays big numbers with light and has a large dial that shows the time clearly, even in dark environments. : Suitable for men, especially to those who like doing sports, multi-functions make it perfect for both outdoor and indoor sports, such as running, climbing, fishing because it is water-resistant up to 50M / 164FT. It is fitted with LED backlight, 1/100 second digital stopwatch, auto calendar, hourly alarm and alarm clock, shock resistant, 12/24 hour formats. The straps are made with senior rubber that is comfortable to wear, and the dial window is made of acrylic mirror, which has high transparency, compressive, and abrasion resistance.


  • Inexpensive
  • Accurate readings
  • Strong and durable wrist band


  • Cannot withstand higher ATM

Our Take

What is impressive about the PALADA Men's Digital Sports Watch Waterproof Tactical Watch with LED Backlight is that it can be worn in harsh environments without the fear of it being broken or for it to stop working because of water pressure, cold, or heat. Aesthetically, this watch looks a lot like other military-style outdoor watches from more expensive brands like Sunnto. It works just fine, but it costs a lot less than other similar products from more well-known outdoor watch brands.

It has a backlight, stopwatch, alarm, and is water-resistant. I've worn it swimming already underwater with no issues and taken it kayaking. The band is very comfortable and even more so than my other watches actually. The button orders for setting things and navigating the watch were different than my others, which I had to get used to, but once you get used to them (in a short period of time), it's not hard. I like the all-black look as it is easy to wear this with anything.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to high-end outdoor watches, this watch is definitely a perfect option for you!


Casio Men's Outgear watch #AMW703D1A

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Casio Men's Outgear watch #AMW703D1A is made with a high-quality stainless steel frame and stainless steel band and has One-touch 3-fold Buckle. It can withstand up to 100-meter water resistance, and the display is made with Mineral Glass / Spherical Glass. It is fitted with Electro-luminescent backlight, Thermometer, World time, Fishing mode. Furthermore, this watch also has the capacity to record moon data and can be set as a 1/100 second stopwatch and countdown timer. It has a daily alarm, hourly time signal, and button-operated tone on/off.


  • Great looking stainless steel frame
  • Accurate time telling
  • Durable with long battery life


  • The display can be hard to read in harsh lights

Our Take

The name Casio has grown in popular consciousness as a synonym to watches, and the brand is not in the place that it is now for nothing. One thing that proves the brand's commitment to quality is the Casio Men's Outgear watch #AMW703D1A. It is very stylish as it sports a metallic frame and is made with high-quality stainless steel that you know will not erode easily.

The watch itself is really good. And surprisingly, it is not as heavy as other stainless steel watches out there. It also fits larger sized wrists really well and is completely adjustable. However, the display is on the smaller side, would have liked a little bit larger. Digital time and display arms are set separately during setup, which is a simple thing to do. The display works well indoors but can be challenging to see in the direct sunlight. Many options available, though, but they are a bit tedious to program correctly.

One impressive thing about this watch, now, is that it has very long battery life. I've only had this watch for a short period, so I really could not share my experience on this matter, but reviews online proved that the battery could last up to more than ten years without needing to charge. Well, that's what you call a long battery life!

All in all, this watch is a great alternative to expensive sport watches as it tells the time accurately. For less than $40, you can carry this watch with you wherever you are fishing.

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Carla Arbuckle
Carla Arbuckle

Carla is a staff writer for Fishing.org and Shooting.org. She is an avid outdoors enthusiast and photographer. She can be found most weekends fishing and exploring the wilderness.