10 Best Fishing Pliers

Are you amongst those individuals who love fishing? If yes, what are the key reasons why you fish? Do you fish because it is your hobby and a source of livelihood? Or, are you doing fishing because it is your profession? Whichever the reason you gave, you need to ensure that your tackle-box has the right accessories so that you can get great results.

In the case of newbies, they focus mostly on the nets and hooks only. There are other crucial fishing accessories you need, and fishing pliers are one of them. Fishing pliers are used to unhook a fish, tighten hooks and cut fishing lines. 

However, you are likely to face a significant challenge in choosing the right fishing pliers, especially if you're a newbie. Also, it can be hard to select the best fishing pliers for the fishing expedition.

Other than this, the current market features different types of fishing pliers. Thus, this means that you're likely to face a significant challenge in choosing the most appropriate fishing pliers.

So, how can you determine which are the best fishing pliers to buy? Worry no more! From this review, you'll get to know the most appropriate fishing pliers to buy on the market. Also, we will cover the key features of these fishing pliers that make them the right choice.

Let's get started!

10 Best Fishing Pliers

1. Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers Braid Cutters Split Ring Pliers Hook Remover Fish Holder with Sheath and Lanyard
2. Fish Elite Fishing Plier Multitool Stainless Steel Hook Remover Saltwater & Corrosion Resistant Gear and Equipment Professional Fisherman Multi-Tool with Protective Case
3. KastKing Cutthroat 7” Fishing Pliers, 420 Stainless Steel Fishing Tools, Saltwater Resistant Fishing Gear, Tungsten Carbide Cutters, Corrosion Resistant Teflon Coating, Rubber Handle
4. KastKing Intimidator Fishing Pliers, Corrosion Resistant Teflon Coated Fishing Tools, Tungsten Carbide Cutters, Saltwater Resistant Fishing Gear.
5. Booms F03 Fishing Pliers
6. TICOZE Fishing Pliers Saltwater 2019
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7. Wolfyok Aluminum Fishing Pliers
8. Booms Fishing X1 Aluminum Fishing Pliers
9. Calamus Fishing Pliers Split Handles
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10. KastKing Speed Demon Pro Fishing Pliers

Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers Braid Cutters Split Ring Pliers Hook Remover Fish Holder with Sheath and Lanyard

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers is made from anti-corrosion aluminum to prevent future oxidation and rust. The CNC style cut handle makes a nice grip and light feeling to it. The pliers are spring loaded keeping it strong enough to easily remove hooks and splitting rings. The blades are made of Tungsten Carbide which is the sharpest material available to maximize it’s ability to cut the toughest braided lines, the heaviest mono leader, flying lines and backing lines. This product comes with a nylon sheath, coiled lanyard and belt loop clasp making it very convenient to carry around. The length of the pliers are 7-1/10 inches. Included is a 1 year fully guaranteed warranty.

Other than this, the jaws of this fishing plier are the products of stainless steel. Also, the titanium coating on the jaws ensures that you have an easy time when removing the fishing hook. Furthermore, this titanium coating is the reason behind the smooth splitting of the rings.

Comes in several colors including black and silver, blue and black, blue and silver and deep black. The sizes available are 7.1 inches and 7.87 inches.


  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Super powerful
  • Sturdy construction


  • Pricey compared to competitors

Our Take

Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers is a crucial fishing accessory since it is comfortable to use. It is an excellent option both for freshwater and saltwater because of sturdy construction and lightweight feature. Also, this lightweight feature explains why you will get an easy time while carrying this fishing plier, especially for a long-time fishing trip.

This fishing plier is the perfect option if portability is your key area of focus. Its excellent features such as the woven nylon sheath, belt loop, and coiled tether are the reason behind the plier's additional portability.

The anodized aluminum is another thing that makes this fishing plier be a perfect choice. This aluminum is corrosion-resistant, robust, and lightweight. Other than this, the frame of this plier is compelling and durable.

Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers remain to be a top-rated fishing plier because it can last for a long time without getting affected by rust or oxidation. Finally, the aluminum handles are other excellent features of this fishing plier. These handles can withstand all cases of saltwater fishing (onshore and offshore).


Fish Elite Fishing Plier Multitool Stainless Steel Hook Remover Saltwater & Corrosion Resistant Gear and Equipment Professional Fisherman Multi-Tool with Protective Case

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentFish Elite Fishing Plier is a 6.5 inch stainless steel plier used to easily unhook fish and cut lines. This plier is multi-dimensional and works for a myriad of situations from fresh water to hectic salt water environments. The sleek design and smooth profile makes it for an easy use. The plier contains a hook shape at the tip to tighten or loosen hooks and lures as well as crimp split rings and weights. Included in the package is a protective nylon cover to keep your pliers secure and protected. This makes it easy to travel with. On the bottom of the handles are razor sharp blades to effortlessly cut fishing lines. These blades are foldable and seamlessly put inside the handles. In the center of the pliers features a locking system to keep pliers safe and secure for storage.

The product has a 100% money back guarantee along with a lifetime warranty. Shipping weight is 6.2 ounces.


  • Ease to use
  • Sturdy construction with a fantastic line-cutting feature
  • Stainless steel pliers
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Could use a better strap than just velcro

Our Take

Fish Elite Fishing Plier Multitool is worth the cost since it works excellent when used both on saltwater and freshwater. It is a 6.5 inches fishing pliers that you need to buy since it guarantees you an unforgettable experience. The nylon cover makes the plier portable to travel with you on long fishing trips. The case has a cool little clip to clip on to your belt or bag. Also, this fishing plier features a stainless-steel construction, which is the primary reason why it always lasts for long.

Imagine having a tool that cuts braids like butter. You can tell that the blades have been sharpened before being packaged. Seems to be able to cut any line and unhook any type of fish. It’s all in one type of tool will save you money and is durable to use for years to come. Finally, this fishing plier features blades that come out of all sides smoothly. Thus, these blades act as extra accessories that can take care of any job that is likely to come up. Other than this, Fish Elite Fishing Plier Multitool is the right choice because it is easy to transport.


KastKing Cutthroat 7” Fishing Pliers, 420 Stainless Steel Fishing Tools, Saltwater Resistant Fishing Gear, Tungsten Carbide Cutters, Corrosion Resistant Teflon Coating, Rubber Handle

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentKastKing Cutthroat is a 7 inch fishing plier made of stainless steel used to unhook fish and cut fishing lines. The plier has an added layering of corrosion resistance to it’s stainless steel to increase the longevity of it’s blade. The manufacturer has tested that their stainless steel pliers are 46% harder than aluminum pliers and nearly 3 times the bending strength of aluminum pliers. The pliers work in both fresh and salt water environments which is perfect for any region. The Cutters are made of tungsten carbide which can slice a multitude of lines such as mono, fluorocarbon and braid with ease.

When it comes to unhooking your fish, the pliers has a multi-function jaw to grab and remove fish hooks. The handle is made of rubble which is ergonomic efficient and provides maximum comfort and control. The pliers are spring loaded and the grip is thin, so you can use this tool with one hand. Also included is a sheath and lanyard for protection and travel. The sheath covers the pliers and a belt clip is included so you can carry it around everywhere. The coil lanyard attaches to the plier, so the pliers don’t fall overboard.

The dimensions of the plier is 7.2 x 3.0 - not oversized, just the right size for someone to grip with one hand. The shipping weight is 9.3 ounces.


  • Corrosion resistance
  • Lightweight design
  • Multifunctional fishing plier


  • No stealth color option

Our Take

KastKing Cutthroat 7 - Inch Fishing Pliers is the perfect option if you're after a stress-free and more convenient fishing experience. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel makes this fishing plier the right choice for freshwater and harsh saltwater. Personally I like this tool because it a very multi-functional based equipment that can create tight knots on your hook, split rings, crimp a split shot weight and cut fishing lines. Also, KastKing Cutthroat 7 - Inch Fishing Pliers is the right choice because of their Teflon coating. This coating plays a crucial role in providing extra protection.

Many fishermen like this fishing plier because of its rubber handle. This textured handle plays a crucial role in providing support and direction. Also, this handle makes it easy to operate the plier with one hand without experiencing any issue. These cutters are so strong, they can snap apart wires.


KastKing Intimidator Fishing Pliers, Corrosion Resistant Teflon Coated Fishing Tools, Tungsten Carbide Cutters, Saltwater Resistant Fishing Gear.

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentKastKing Intimidator Fishing Pliers is an all in one tool that can crimp a split shot weight, tune your baits, cut braided line and build a leader. The cutter is a tungsten carbide which is the sharpest blade that slices through mono, fluorocarbon and braid. It includes a tough S45 steel construction that doesn’t bend or break. It features an S45 steel housing and a Teflon coating, which increases the strength of the fishing plier. The product comes in multiple variations including 5” straight nose, Accusplit 5”, 7” straight nose, 7” bent nose, 9” straight nose, 7” straight nose w/ braid cutters - heavy duty, 7” split ring w/ braid cutters - heavy duty and crimper cutters 6”.

The tool is made of hardened CV Steel to provide long lasting cutting performance and made to cut 2mm thick. The crimper cutters have added Teflon coating to protect against erosion and durable for freshwater environments. There is a built in knot cinch hole to ensure your knot is cinched tight and safely. Simply insert the hook into any of those holes and pull to create a tight knot. Shipping weight is 6.4 ounces.


  • Ties very tight knots
  • Made very light
  • Durable coating that allows pliers to last for years
  • Grip fits all sizes of hands and able to grip even when wet


  • Made for small wire or fishing lines
  • Small handles
  • Made for fresh water only
  • No Sheath or lanyard included

Our Take

KastKing Intimidator Fishing Pliers is a budget-friendly fishing plier that will complete the job as required. Other than this, KastKing Intimidator Fishing Pliers is the most preferred by many fishermen because it resists corrosion and rust. Also, KastKing Intimidator Fishing Pliers is a non-bendable fishing plier, and there are minimal chances for it to break under regular use. Personally we love the ergonomic handles, makes for maximum comfort and easy to use. You can also adjust the bait within the shortest possible time and then integrate it with tuning slots.

KastKing Intimidator Fishing Pliers feature the right size, which can fit in your hands without experiencing the cumbersome and bulky feeling. Also, this fishing plier is the right choice because it is the product of stainless steel. This feature, together with the Teflon coating helps in ensuring that the plier is robust and corrosion-resistant.

Furthermore, this fishing plier comes with a built-in wire cutter. This cutter can cut through mono, cable, or wire. Finally, KastKing Intimidator Fishing Pliers has the appropriate amount of spring back, and they don't depend on a break-in period. The cutter's strategic location is on the side of the plier, which is crucial in allowing for accurate cuts. Finally, the material used to make KastKing Intimidator Fishing Pliers explains why this fishing plier is the right choice. It is the product of hard carbide material, which is vital for effectively fluorocarbon lines, mono, and effectively cutting braid.

One area of improvement we’d like to see is to have the manufacturers include a sheath to protect and easily carry these pliers.


Booms F03 Fishing Pliers

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Booms Fishing F03 Pliers has a very slender frame used to remove the fishing hook easily and safely. The frame is long and has a sturdy nose to better grasp the hooks and provide greater control. The slender jaws also go much deeper with minimal harm to your catch. The reach of the plier is 9 inches. The cutters are mono and fluorocarbon and have the ability to split shot crimper, split rings, and lure tuning tool. Cutter is made of carbon steel with an additional PTFE coating to deliver long term corrosion resistance. Included is a retractable coiled lanyard and molded sheath. The shipping weight is 11.2 ounces. This product comes in 2 variations the 7 inch and 9 inch plier.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Multi-functional - able to cut lines, unhook, shot crimper, split rings
  • Longer frame to go deeper than other pliers


  • Poortly built sheath
  • Plier isn’t spring loaded
  • Can be a bit large for your hands

Our Take

Booms F03 Fishing Pliers is another excellent fishing plier in the market that comes with an affordable price point. It is a multifunctional fishing plier that can complete many tasks without any issue. Its slender jaws make it the best perfect option since they can go much deeper into the fish with minimal damages to the fish. The PTFE plated is a better rust resistant than other coats such as nickel plated or black oxidation surface. This ensures you pliers last a long time and remains effective.

Also, Booms F03 Fishing Pliers is something that you can carry along to any fishing trip. The reason for doing this is its versatility and fantastic features. You will find it an easy way of getting a pouch and lanyard. It is the right tool to go for if you're after a fishing plier that can fir your hand well and work excellently. It is a top-rated fishing plier that anyone can use. It features a sturdy pair of pliers that can use to remove the hooks. Other crucial features that make this fishing plier the best option include a molded sheath and retractable coiled lanyard. Also, this fishing plier delivers long-term corrosion-resistance when kept under essential maintenance.

We do recommend one area of improvement for this product. The holster should have its belt loop mounted higher up for best results. As it sits, the pliers and holster are top heavy and occasionally seem to want to rotate and potentially spill the pliers out. That could be corrected by mounting the holster's belt loop higher up. Also, the front flap of the holster tends to catch on the red plastic insulation on the pliers, meaning it's a bit hard to quickly and reliably insert the pliers back into the holster with one hand.


TICOZE Fishing Pliers Saltwater 2019

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThese pliers are made of aluminum alloy with corrosion resistance against salty water. Coated with Titanium, it can be used for a more extended period without any signs of oxidation and rust.

It is made of upgraded quality aluminum and nylon that is built to last.

They are designed to fit well your ergonomics with its opening and locking device using only one finger.

Multi-Function Pliers: Split Ring pliers fishing not only helps you split rings, cut lines, remove hooks, but also assist you in crimping and pressing leads.

Convenient to Carry: Comes with a nylon belt sheath, coiled lanyard, and belt loop clasp, the fishing pliers can clip on to your belt to keep it within easy reach & security while wading, surf fishing, or bank fishing.

These pliers are manufactured by Ticoze, which offers a two-year warranty.


  • Durable, corrosion-resistant
  • It has a belt loop and hooks which make it easy to carry
  • Excellent ergonomics; very light and easy on the hands
  • It has a protective and retractable lanyard that prevents your pliers from being lost overboard.


  • Durable, corrosion-resistant
  • It has a belt loop and hooks which make it easy to carry
  • Excellent ergonomics; very light and easy on the hands
  • It has a protective and retractable lanyard that prevents your pliers from being lost overboard.

Our Take

These pliers are very easy to use and can be accessed quickly with one hand. This device allows the user to do a one-handed operation, and even the lock is simple to engage and disengage.
If you look at its jaw, it is perfectly designed to remove the hook from the fish quickly. While the line cutter works well on both braid and monofilament, so it is very convenient to use.

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Wolfyok Aluminum Fishing Pliers

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentWolfyok Fishing Plier is made from Air-Craft Grade aluminum to prevent it from rust and corrosion. So basically, it works both in saltwater and freshwater environment.

Its stainless steel jaws are coated with Titanium for durability, while its split ring is easy to use to remove rings from bait or hook.

Super sharp tungsten carbide cutters are designed to cut the most definite braided lines and heaviest mono leader.

This can be a useful tool for fishers since it is also designed with unique anti-slip and shaped handles for a secure, tight grip.
It offers bright colors for visibility, comes with a coiled wire lanyard and woven nylon sheath, which is convenient for fishers to store and use safely.

It comes with a nylon sheath to protect the pliers from being scratched or damaged.

The company offers a year warranty for those who will purchase the product.


  • Rust and Corrosion Resistant
  • Durable
  • Solid construction and well-built
  • Proper ergonomic design: provides anti-slip and is comfortable to use
  • Sharp line cutters
  • Inexpensive


  • Unfortunately, the handle is a highly polished aluminum surface, and they are slippery and hard to hold, especially when wet.

Our Take

The best thing about this product is that it doesn't cost too much but has good value. Seeing that they had a secure handle locking and unlocking bar, whoever purchased it may find it very easy to use.

Also, the sideline cutter is very sharp, so it is not hard for you to cut mono and braided lines. It is the perfect tool for big or small fish' hooks and any weight sizes.

Not only that, but it is made from Aluminum and will not rust. The clip-on is metal as well, so it will stay attached to the boat always while the flex cord fits perfectly well in the hand and does not slip.

Very durable, so these will not only save time, but they will also cut down on your budget to buy replacements.


Booms Fishing X1 Aluminum Fishing Pliers

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentBooms Fishing X1 is 7.87 inches in length, longer than the usual pliers. The coiled wire lanyard is built to withstand tension up to 40 lbs when others can only reach 12 pounds.

Corrosion and Rust-resistant: Booms Fishing Pliers are made from anodized aluminum material that can survive saltwater or freshwater environments.

It has Replaceable 70+ HRC tungsten carbide cutters, which are strong enough to cut through robust braided lines.

Its stainless steel jaws are coated with carbon to withstand the test of time, while the serrated jaws are designed to grip and remove hooks while protecting your hands from fishhooks.

It also comes with steel wire coiled lanyard and nylon holster to always keep this handy tool within easy reach and security purposes.


  • Durable
  • Corrosion and Rust-resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Very portable


  • The case is flimsy. It becomes uneasy for you to return your pliers and will require much of your attention and both hands.

Our Take

I think Booms Pliers are perfect for fishers because of its sharp blades and line cutters; it easily slices through braid and mono. The pliers itself are not too big and also not too small, so it is effortless on the hands.

The hinge is smooth and tight. The jaws line up with no odd gaps or any indications that the product is poorly made. They provide a good grip and can retrieve hooks from deep within the mouths of fish effortlessly.

The clip and wound line are convenient to attach to a bungee on a kayak to remain within reach, and the cord has enough length so you can work efficiently while inside the boat.

The cutter blades are sharp enough to cut braid, monofilament, and light (<40lb) single strand wire.


Calamus Fishing Pliers Split Handles

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentIts key features are very lightweight, highly corrosion-resistant, and E-coated aircraft aluminum fishing pliers and line cutters.

Its cutters are made with Vanadium materials that can easily cut through mono, fluorocarbon and braid fishing lines. These Vanadium steel alloys are used in automotive gears, axles, and crankshaft because of its toughness and durability.

The Calamus A7 fishing pliers are 7 inches long. It offers multi-function jaws and hooks removers with spring-loaded handle, which makes it easy to use your plier with one hand.

The Calamus rubber handle material is comfortable and also helps to improve your grip. The safety lock mechanism allows you to store or manage the pliers.

It comes with a sheath and belt clip, which keeps it from normal wear and tear, and the coated coiled lanyard ensures your pliers don't fall overboard!


  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Durable and sharp fishing line cutters
  • Non-corrosive
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Beautiful packaging and the belt cover/pouch is in good quality as well.


  • These pliers are pretty costly and may discourage those who are in a tight budget.

Our Take

My three most favorite features about this product are the ring remover, a manual lock, and the fishing line cutter. You can now easily remove treble hooks with ease, cut the line close when changing out lures, and be able to lock the pliers in place.

Also, the good thing is that they're lightweight, but sturdy enough and are non-corrosive in case you fish in saltwater. The handles are very comfortable to use and have a good grip when using with wet hands so it won't fall overboard.

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KastKing Speed Demon Pro Fishing Pliers

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentHighly corrosion resistant and coated with Teflon to withstand seawater and freshwater environment.

Carbide cutters are made with Tungsten materials to cut through mono, fluorocarbon, and braid fishing line with ease.

The KastKing Speed Demon Pro fishing pliers are made from super hard 420 stainless steel and coated with a tough Teflon coating for superior saltwater corrosion protection. It is 46% harder than aluminum pliers and nearly three times the bending strength of aluminum pliers.

With its MULTI-FUNCTION JAWS and HOOK REMOVER, it can grab and remove any fish hook with the 2.5-inch serrated jaws.
It comes with non-slip handles that provide comfort and control. The polymer-coated soft-grip handle and spring-loaded jaws allow for easy one-hand use without slipping the tool of your hands.

A custom-molded sheath with a belt clip protects your tools, and the coiled lanyard secures your pliers from falling off the board.


  • The protective sheath is exceptionally sturdy to handle
  • Rust and corrosive resistant
  • Durable
  • Easy to use with its non-slip feature


  • A little disadvantage about these pliers is that they are a bit pricey.

Our Take

These are not only durable and well-designed pliers, but they are very comfortable in your hand! With its belt clips, you can clip it even on your vest while out fishing and never have to worry about losing them.

The belt case is also very well built. The split ring jaw tip works excellent for swapping hooks on a blade, and I love the fact that these cut sharply through braided lines. If you are a braided line user, you know it's hard to cut, but using Kastking, it will be easier for you to unhook baits and more.

It comes with a non-slip feature, so after landing a fish and your hands are wet or slimy, these pliers don't slide around!

I highly recommended these pliers if you are looking for a multi-function excellent pair of fishing pliers.

Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

Joshua is our senior staff writer for Fishing.org and Shooting.org. He is an avid hunter, clay shooter and amateur photographer.