9 Best Fishing Scales

Whether you are a new fisher or a long-time angler, you know that one of the most important things to bring when you go to a fishing trip is a standard and accurate fishing scale. 

You might think that scales are pretty standard, and they are all but the same. But you're wrong. Scales from different manufacturers have been designed and manufactured differently. Thus some differences will make you think twice of believing in the notion that they are the same.

Weighing scales are used to measure the weight of the fish caught by anglers to ensure they abide by the laws set by locals. Some use it to weigh fish for tournaments, or just for your life list documentation. Take note, no angler or fisher out there who does not want to know how big their catch of the day is. 


If you're still confused about what makes fishing scales different from each other, then you're in the right place. I am going to list down three of the best fishing scales in the market and what makes them "the best."

Now, all you need to do is to keep your mind open and start weighing your good catches with accuracy and style!

9 Best Fishing Scales

1. Dr.meter Fishing Scale
2. KastKing Digital Scale
3. Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Digital Scale
4. KastKing Waterproof Floating Digital Fishing Scale
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5. Fishfun Digital Fishing Scale
6. TyhoTech Fishing Scale
7. RUNCL Digital Fishing Scale
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8. ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale
9. MANGO SPOT LCD Electronic Balance Digital Fishing Hook Hanging Scale
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Dr.meter Fishing Scale

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Dr.meter fishing scale comes with a big digital LCD. This electronic hanging scale is a precise weighing tool for home and in expressage. It is also a great assistant for outdoor sports such as traveling, shopping, fishing, etc. It has a Weight range/graduation of 110lb/50kg; 0~10kg: d=5g, 10-50kg: d=10g and can be calibrated to display kilograms, pounds, and ounces. It is also specially designed with functions of tape, tare/zero, auto off, unit conversion, data lock, and the like.


  • Unit conversion between kilos, pounds, and ounces
  • Stainless steel hook


  • Battery operated, thus it can run out of power in the middle of a trip unless you have spares

Our Take

When going fishing, the only way that you can quantitatively document your milestones and catches the day other than photography is by weighing them — the need for proper weight documentation. Hence, having an accurate weighing scale is a MUST.

When it comes to the accuracy required for fishing, only a few weighing scales in the market met global standards. And, one of them is the fishing scale by Dr.meter.

The Dr.meter Fishing Scale can weigh both small and large catches alike, from a mere 0.2 lbs. to a jaw-dropping 110 lbs.! The state of the art weight sensor provides precise measurements and can convert from pounds to kilograms to ounces. This feature is particularly important as different people, depending on the cultures they came from, vary in terms of the units of measurement they are comfortable in using.

Furthermore, what is measuring your fish when you can only know how heavy it is. Of course, you also want to know how long it is. Thus, this weighing scale is up into your alley as it also includes a built-in measuring tape to measure the length of your catch.

As good scales should be, the Dr.meters fishing scale is crafted from premium stainless steel to ensure that rusting and oxidation is not an issue. The large and durable hook concealed in the back slot is also very convenient to hook and remove from the fish's mouth, luggage, and everything in between.

This fishing scale's potential is limitless. For an affordable price, this scale also comes with specialized functions like weighing unit conversion, data lock, an auto-off function, which is very important for beginners and even for more season anglers and fishers!


KastKing Digital Scale

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe KastKing Digital Scale is one of the best scales in the market. It is incredibly accurate to 1/10th of a pound and includes a retractable ruler that is 38” long. This fishing scale can accurately weigh fish, luggage, or packages up to 110 lbs. or 50 kg. The lightweight and water-resistant ABS frame have a slip-resistant TPR handle and sides. The scale is only 5.6” long x 3.8” wide x 1.25” thick and weighs only 6 ounces, so it’s easy to pack and store. It also has a backlit digital display that works great in low light conditions and will turn off automatically after 4 minutes of non-use to save valuable battery life.


  • Memory function up to 9 readings
  • Ergonomically designed handle


  • Can only read in kilos and pounds. Cannot convert to ounces.

Our Take

When tracking your catches, you must document the weights of your past catches -- to let you know if they are allowed according to the law (or if they are big enough to make your friends envy). Of course, the best way to document it is to store the readings of your scale digitally for better safekeeping.

This is what impresses me about the KastKing Digital Scale. Aside from its international standard of accuracy, the scale also can record in its memory up to nine previous readings that you made with it in the past. This means that you can view the last nine readings at any time until you decide to delete them. This is important because it allows you to track your catch as accurate as possible.

Furthermore, this fishing scale also has a retractable measuring tape that allows you to measure the length of the fish that you caught. I know that measuring the length of the fish is very important to you, right?

Another exceptional feature that this waterproof scale has to offer is its ergonomic design that allows you to hang what you are weighing and hold the scale high to give an allowance for long fishes. The handle is designed in such a way that it can be carried with one hand comfortably.

The scale has a high-strength ABS frame that is very light but incredibly strong, and its sides and handle are coated with a slip-resistant TPR coating for a firm grip. This is when you know that the scales that you have is of good quality.

And of course, it comes in a bright orange aesthetic, which makes it not only stylish and attractive but is bright enough for you to find it easily when you need it!


Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Digital Scale

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Digital Scale and the LCD is powered by AAA batteries and has a 360° rotatable handle that makes weighing the fish more conveniently. It also has a mobile display that makes it easy for you to read the weight of the fish. The gripper is also made with rugged high-grade stainless steel for unparalleled durability against freshwater and saltwater environments. As a weighing scale, it can measure up to 60lb/27kg loading capacity.


  • Fish lip gripper and fish scale in one devise
  • Waterproof and can sustain being underwater for a few minutes
  • Very user-friendly


  • Slightly inaccurate reading as compared to others
  • More expensive than others

Our Take

When it comes to anything related to fishing, Piscifun is a brand that you can trust. Through many years of its experience in the industry, it has proven that it only manufactures high-quality equipment and fishing tools. The Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Digital Scale is not an exception to that.

I think that it is highly innovative, in my opinion, to have a fish lip gripper that already comes with a weighing scale. With this, you don't need to bring two tools on your next fishing trip as both functions can be performed by one device!

Of course, carrying a massive fish is a standard for good scales, but this one can say that it does more. Its scale is waterproof and can withstand both saltwater and freshwater environments, so you won't have to worry about any rusting or oxidation that will ruin your scales and its accuracy. When we tested this scale, we found out that it can hold as long as five minutes being submerged underwater, and it will still work correctly.

Furthermore, the scale has backlights that allow you to read the weight of your catch with just one press of a button to turn it on. It is imperative, especially to those who want to go fishing during the night and in the early mornings before sunrise.

The buttons are also straightforward to understand, so you won't have a hard time what each button does. This is perfect for more experienced fishers who are very resistant to technology because it is very user-friendly. It's also perfect for beginners and will help them understand how to use it immediately.


KastKing Waterproof Floating Digital Fishing Scale

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentKastKing Waterproof Floating Digital Fishing Scale is waterproof (it floats). You can never lose another scale if dropped into the water; thus, you can save time and money.

It measures 10.23" long x 3.14" wide x 1.27" thick and weighs only 5.6 ounces and includes a 2.36" long stainless-steel hook for quickly weighing fish.

It comes with No-Puncture lip gripper that allows you to weigh fish without puncturing the jaw.

It is durable and made up of lightweight materials that typically last for a more extended period. Plus, it has non-slip sides, which give you a firm grip when weighing your catch.

It can quickly and accurately weigh your catch in pounds and ounces from 0-50 lbs and is convertible to kilogram measurement. The best part about this scale is that it has a memory function where you can store up to 9 different weights for future references.


  • Waterproof
  • Floats in the water
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Can function in all weather conditions
  • Very accurate
  • Has memory for storing weighing information
  • The scale is easy to use and comfortable to hold
  • It has a No-Puncture lip gripper


  • The fish grippers are into a smaller size than expected, and maybe too small for inshore fishing.

Our Take

By looking at its features, I can say that this weighing device is handy to use. It works quickly and accurately under "flopping" conditions. You don't have to bring notes with you because this scale has a memory to record your weights. Other scales don't have this feature, and it helps a lot, especially when you're forgetful. More importantly, you can save money and time because it also floats in the water, so you never have to worry about rebuying one.
For me, I highly recommend this scale since it is comfortable to hold and fits just right in any hand sizes. It is convenient to hold either the handle on top or gripped by the sides. The hook on the scale is appropriately sized, and not super pointy.

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Fishfun Digital Fishing Scale

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Fishfun is a multi-purpose fishing scale, intended not only for weighing fishes but can also be used in other things. It has three modes to choose from depending on the situation; Hold on to weigh a static load such as a bass fish, luggage, etc. Hold off to continually track weight as it is adjusted and Peak mode to record a compound bow draw weight.

It is highly accurate and dependable, which uses 8mm thick aluminum alloy as the sensor to ensure accurate and consistent measuring. It is said to last for years and can carry a maximum load of 110lb/50kg with 0.1lb/50g accuracy.
Having a rubberized handle, it allows all your fingers to grip it comfortably, even with wet slimy hands.

Its movable handle enables you to grasp it tilting backward or forward without impacting the vertical state of the scale.
It can be used for 120 hours due to its power-saving feature and automatically switches off after one minute of inactivity.


  • Lightweight
  • Very accurate
  • Has night mode which is great for fishing at night
  • Tougher and very durable
  • Well constructed
  • Has power saving mode


  • It's not waterproof, that means you can't let it submerged in the water.

Our Take

If you are fishing for fun, then this scale is perfect for you. It is lightweight, accurate, and you can use it to weigh not only fishes but also some heavy objects like luggage, backpacks, and more.

The night mode feature is perfect for those who love to go fishing at night, as the device automatically turns on its lighting so you can still see the weights accurately.

Also, this Fish fun scale has several settings for locking or not locking weight that I like for practical use. Plus, it proves to be very sturdy because it can carry heavy objects. I believe that it would last for years with proper handling and usage.

It's not waterproof, that means you can't let it submerged in the water.


TyhoTech Fishing Scale

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Digital Fishing Scale has a weighing capacity of 110LB/50KG. It provides you accurate and precise measurements with sturdy Built-in Tape that measures objects in CM/FT within 1M/3Ft Length.

It is very light and portable enough so you can carry it around wherever you go. The hook of the scale is made up of durable stainless steel designed to last for years.

Automatically Lock Data and Turn Off After 2 Minutes of no operation. This is heavily powered by 2 x AAA Battery, which is not included in the package, so you have to buy in case it wears off.


  • Weight readings are accurate and it is easy to use
  • With large, readable digits
  • Lightweight
  • Portable


  • Not waterproof, batteries can get wet.
  • The hanger is a little finicky, so you have to be careful when weighing heavy objects.

Our Take

The great thing about this TyhoTech Fishing Scale is that it is small enough to keep in your pocket yet works easier than the big ones. You can carry it around with you, plus it has a built-in tape that can also be used for measuring feet/meter.
For the weight digits, they are large and readable enough, even in direct sunlight. I highly recommend this Tycho Tech scale on all your fishing trips.


RUNCL Digital Fishing Scale

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentRUNCL Digital Fishing Scale features an easy-to-read LCD digital display for enhanced viewing, perfect if you have an outdoor activity at daylight.

This type of scale is very user-friendly since it has a data lock function which holds the weight for convenient reading, and warns you not to overload the scale to avoid damage. It also comes with built-in tape, and three weight display options in LB, KG, OZ.

The hook is made of a nickel-plated hook, which is rust-resistant and abrasion-resistant. It securely holds your catch and allows you to release the fish when you finish weighing it.

You will get the most accurate and precise measurement possible due to its tare weight function. It has a battery saver feature, thus automatically turns off after one minute of idleness.

Plus, it comes with a free battery!


  • Lightweight
  • User-friendly
  • Has a comfortable handle so you don't hurt your hands
  • The back light is great for night fishing
  • Accurate
  • Tare Function
  • Has built in Measuring Tape
  • Auto Off Function


  • Has no 'No Puncture' lip gripper feature - this may harm the fish lips or jaws in the process of weighing it.

Our Take

First, I have to commend the color of this scale, which is bloody red because it is easier to find them among your things. I am also confident in using this scale in a situation that needed to be precise. Since it features an easy to read LCD, you no longer have to worry about using it under the sun. Also, if you think that this device uses a lot of batteries' power, then you might be happy to hear that it automatically turns on its power-saving mode so you can use it longer.

All in all, this is an excellent quality digital scale with a retractable ruler on the side! The price is great as well, perfect for those who want a budget-friendly yet with a high-value scale. Plus, you don't have to buy the batteries, because it comes in the package. Thus, you can save money with this one.

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ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe comes with a large LCD screen with a digital display for enhanced reading. It has a stainless steel hook that can withstand the test of time. Plus, the removable fish lip grabber allows users to weigh the fish without hurting them in the process.

Sturdy enough and can carry a maximum weight of 99lb / 45kg.
It has a 39-inch built-in tape measure and comes with a battery. The battery lasts for up to 500 hours and automatically saves power when the battery is becoming low.

It has an auto shut off feature so it can save its battery when not in use.


  • Easy to use and sturdy.
  • Accurate
  • Durable
  • Has power saving mode to save battery life
  • Has night mode feature so you can still see better at nigh time


  • The retractable ruler can't be pulled out easily. You have to more exert effort in pulling that one out.

Our Take

What I like about this scale is that it comes with fish lip gripper that holds on well but does not hurt the fishes' jaws or mouths. Other scales don't have this feature, thus damaging the fishes' jaws on the process of weighing it. But lucky you because aside from giving accurate and precise measurement, this scale is harmless to your catch.

The Power saving of this scale is also the one I like about. It cuts off the power of the scale after a while of not being used to save batteries. So you can still use it for a more extended time.


MANGO SPOT LCD Electronic Balance Digital Fishing Hook Hanging Scale

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe MANGO SPOT LCD scale can carry a load of up to 110 lbs/50KG, division 0.01lb/10g with tare, and data lock function.
This scale is powered by 2 AAA batteries, and lucky you because the battery comes with the package.

Muti unit display (lb/oz/kg/jin) type of device that means you can convert pounds into kilo measurement and vice versa.

The hook is made of stainless steel for durability. If an object weighs more than its capacity, the scale automatically sends a warning to the user so it won't easily break.

It has a power-saving mode and automatically shuts down after 120 seconds of idleness.


  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy on the hands
  • Fairly accurate
  • Portable
  • Muti unit display (lb/oz/kg/jin)


  • The downside of the scale is the handle, which has kind of sharp edges.
  • No fish gripper with this scale, so using the hook alone can hurt the fish pretty bad.
  • This is not waterproof, so be careful when using this device if you're near water.

Our Take

If you are looking for an affordable fishing scale but does not compromise its quality, then this is perfect for you. This small scale will exceed your expectations. It is easy to operate, and I love the locking feature that automatically stops the weight reading as soon as the weight is stabilized. This allows you to lift heavier items with the scale, but you'll hear a warning beep once you exceed the maximum weighing capacity, so it doesn't break off easily. Plus, you can read the weight in pounds, oz, or kilograms.

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