East Canyon Reservoir in Utah is a great spot for catching brown trout and crappie. As a matter of fact Utah is well-known for great trout fishing in its high mountain streams and lakes. There are tiger muskie, striped bass, wipers, largemouth, smallmouth, and various varieties of bass, perch and catfish. In Utah, fishing is all-year round in most of its waterways.

A fishing license is required before you can go on a fishing trip. As soon as you have your fishing license you hop on a boat and paddle down a river to start fishing. It is easy enough to get a fishing license online but you must first determine which type - resident or non-resident, length of time. If you fish often enough, a multi-year fishing license is more practical. Part of the fees collected is used to support fish conservation programs of the state.

It is best to know the fishing laws and regulations of Utah before you cast your lure. These regulations are in place to ensure that the fish populations are at their best for the benefit of current and future anglers. These regulations may be modified from time to time so it is to your advantage to read the current Utah fishing laws and regulations to be updated on the fishing seasons, bag limits, size limits and fishing methods permitted.

If the fish populations and their habitats are not protected and conserved, there will be no more fishing, much more sports fishing, for future generations. Future anglers will not experience the pleasure and anticipation of reeling in a largemouth bass. Each one has the responsibility to keep the waterways clean and free from pollution. The fish populations, whether stocked or spawned, should be allowed to propagate. Correct catch and release methods must be practiced.