How to Tie a Bimini Twist Fishing Knot

This is a knot fishing people use to give fishing line strength and provides a secure loop to attach a leader line. The Bimini Twist is a knot that the offshore swivel knot is tied directly to the Bimini knot. This is because of the type of loop this knot creates since it is a double line with a loop at the end. This makes it possible to attach a leader loop to loop. 

Correctly tying the Bimini Twist is important so that it has the strength necessary and is secure enough for fishing line. The correct steps to tie this knot include:
Step 1:
Holding the line double it and then in the end of the loop make twenty (20) twists while holding the line securely. 

Step 2:
The open end should be put over the knee, both knees or feet if using a long loop, smaller loops will require a smaller object that is secure to place the loop over. 

Step 3:
Then keep constant pressure as it must be used on both ends of the loop. Using a hand holding the tag end pull until it slides over the first twists. Continue this keeping pressure on the other line until the tag end reaches the loop. 

Step 4:
When the line is at the end of the twists put it through the loop and make an overhand knot, which is a half hitch on the closest side of the loop. It is important to keep constant pressure on the line end while doing this step. This will lock the knot into place. 

Step 5:
The Bimini Twist knot will need to be secured by making between three and five more half hitches around both lines of the loop. This is done by working from the loop end toward the knot. The half hitches should each be tightened against the base of the knot. This secures the knot and leaves no chance for the knot to come loose with continued use. 

Step 6:
Any excess left on the tag end can now be cut about one-quarter inch long. 

Our Take:

This knot is useful for fishing and using the steps and correctly tightening the knot It can be used for leader lines with small hooks or large ones and for any size catch. If the knot is not secure it can come undone and loose the leader line and with it the fish being caught by the person fishing.
Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

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