FG Knot

The FG Knot is a popular leader knot used by many around the world who enjoy saltwater, bass fishing, and sport fishing. A solid knot, the FG is an easy and fast way to connect a mono or fluoro leader to the main fishing line. 

Although you can use the FG Knot with a monofilament and fluorocarbon line, it is the best knot for a braided line. The knot's strength makes it stand out, which is why the FG knot is a favorite.

But for the knot's power to remain, you must keep the mono or fluoro line tense. Otherwise, it will become weak, and the knot may end up slipping.

Why is the FG Knot the Best for Braided Lines?

FG stands for “fine grip,” and is not like a typical knot. Usually, knots loop up, over, and around another fishing line. But the FG knot wraps around the other line.

In terms of the actual connection between your fluoro leader or mono leader and the braid, the FG knot is the slimmest. The knot is ideal for a mono-connection top shot to braid backing.

How to tie the FG knot:

Here are the essential steps to the FG Knot:
Step 1:
Apply constant tension to the braided line. It needs stress so you can wrap and thread the leader onto it. The easiest way to get this tension is to lean the rod away from you.

Step 2:
Then, hover the monofilament or fluorocarbon leader over the line. Make it go away from you and towards the rod.

Step 3:
Open the loop and go around the line once.

Step 4:
Alternate the loop, but this time going towards you.

Step 5:
Continue making this looping motion, looping away from you, and then towards you, for about twenty loops.

Step 6:
Pull hard on the main lines. The knot must have tension on the line, so make sure you keep this tension.
Step 7:
Now, lock the twenty loops in place. Remove the tension off the line.
Step 8: 
Cut off the tag end of the leader. It is essential that when you are trimming the leader to make sure the end does not catch on the rod. If it looks like it will, make a couple more hitch knots.
Step 9 & 10:
Make two full hitch knots (not half hitches) that wrap around both the braid and the mono or fluoro leader.
Pull the two main lines tight, making sure the knot does not slip.
Step 11:
Cut off the tag end of the braid.

Our Take:

Every angler needs to make their fishing trips the best experience. This cannot happen by spending most of your time fixing broken lines and tying leader knots. Instead, use a secure FG knot to use your time to catch more fish. 

Even though there are other knots, you can use, like a uni knot, double uni knot (uni to uni), Albright knot, and others, the FG knot is the best knot for braided lines.

Check out rod guides, knot videos, and other fishing tips to learn all there is about what is right knotter for you.

Although the FG's knot strength is powerful, it is not the strongest knot; the Palomar knot owns that title. 

The reliable FG Knot is a great knot to use when going from braid to leader.

Carla Arbuckle
Carla Arbuckle

Carla is a staff writer for Fishing.org and Shooting.org. She is an avid outdoors enthusiast and photographer. She can be found most weekends fishing and exploring the wilderness.