The Jansik Special

The Jansik Special is a very durable knot that maintains its sturdiness almost 100 percent of the time. It can withstand up to twenty pounds of weight when correctly executed. However, more than twenty pounds of weight may compromise its strength and functionality. When tightening the knot, you may experience some difficulties because you will have to pull three different directions concurrently. This means that you may need to employ an extra set of hands. However, if you do not have any extra help, you can still complete this knot on your own—all you have to do is hold the hook with pliers and the tag end with your teeth. While doing this, you can pull the standing line with your free hand. 

Here are some more specific instructions in order to get you tying the Jansik Special perfectly:

Step 1:
Measure out at least six inches of line and run it through the eye of the fish hook or lure. Bring the line around and shape it into a circle or loop and run it through again. This operation will create the first circle. 

Step 2 & 3 :
Then, make a second circle—this one should be parallel to the first. After you have formed the second circle, you can pass the end of the fishing line through the hook’s eye a third time. Now you should have two circles. 

Step 4:
After you have formed the two circles, bend the standing part of the line up and over these loops. Then, hold them together so that the tag end can be wrapped around them.

Step 5: 
By following these instructions, you will be able to perfectly tie a Jansik Special—one of the most durable knots in the world of fishing.

Our Take:

However, if you prefer to try other knots, the Palomar, Trilene, Berkeley Braid, and Harvey Dry Fly are all great alternatives.
Carla Arbuckle
Carla Arbuckle

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