Knot Tyer Nail Knot

There has always been a direct correlation between fishing and the ability to tie a good knot. An excellent example is the Knot Tyer Nail Knot. This knot is incredibly handy when used as a tool to tie a Nail Knot onto your fly line. The Knot Tyer Nail Knot can be used successfully when you want to attach backing to your fly line or as a leader to your fly line. The Tie-Fast Knot Tyer is a highly useful yet inexpensive tool that makes tying the Nail Knot simple and easy. This tool does include a set of instructions but if you ever lose them the instructions for tying the Nail Knot are below.
Step 1:
When you are ready to quickly tie a Knot Tyer Nail Knot you begin by holding your tool in the palm of one of your hands. Depending on what you want to attach to your fly line, place either your leader or your backing between the metal guides. Make certain it goes through the tips and is on top of the pad.

Step 2:
You need to run a minimum of six inches beyond your tool's tip and use your thumb on the hand you have chosen to hold your tool to hold it in place. Now make four to five tight wraps around your tools tips. Always work back in the direction of your thumb.
Step 3:
Take the tag end of your line right beneath the coils you made and feed it back so it goes out of the tip of your tool. Use your thumb to hold your coils in place on your tool and feed the end of your fly line directly into your tool's tip. Make certain your line is beneath the coils and extends approximately a half inch past your coils.

Step 4:
Gently hold everything in place while giving a fast tug on the tag end of your backing or leader. This will allow your knot to slide right off your tool and onto your fly line. Prior to firmly tightening your knot make any adjustments you feel are necessary. Then trim your fly line and tag end so the knot closes.
Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

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