Strike Indicator Double Uni

Strike Indicator Double Uni

Master the Strike Indicator Double Uni Knot

The Strike Indicator Double Uni Knot is the perfect replacement for the pre-made yarn indicator and you can customize it any way you want with different loop size pieces of yarn. You can do this anywhere your two lines join together. This method also lets you easily switch from dry fishing to nymph fishing quickly. If you want to separate the knots to free the yarn enough to make it slide out just separate the knots by grabbing the yarn between your forefinger and thumb. Then you can easily tighten the knot again change the fly and you are ready to get back to fishing.
Step 1:
All you need to do is tie the tippet to the leader using a Strike Indicator Double Uni knot and once both sides are tied you can slide the two knots partly together. Make sure that you leave a space big enough to hold your yarn.

Step 2:
Then you can easily insert your yarn into the opening that you created and pull the ends in different directions before tightening the knot into the yarn.

Step 3:

Our Take:

The Strike Indicator Double Uni knot is the best knot for tying two lines together and it works very well with braided and monofilament lines. It also works well when there is a combination of both monofilament and braided lines. However this type of knot works best when the two lines are roughly the same in diameter. The Strike Indicator Double Uni knot has been found to be much easier to tie than similar knots.

Despite how the name may indicate, this type of knot is actually quite easy tie. If you can tie a Uni Knot, then this one will not be much problem for you. This type of knot is really just two uni knots and with a little practice can be mastered quite easily.
Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

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