Make an Albright Special

The Albright Special knot is used for many different purposes. It is somewhat easy to tie and is best suited for joining different types of fishing line such as braided, wire, or monofilament. This handy knot is especially useful when joining monofilaments of different sizes. This type of not can be used to join any two lines together and is a useful knot to know how to tie. 
Step 1:
In order to create the perfect and most functional Albright Special knot you need to start out with the line that has a heavier weight if you are using two different weights of line (make a loop) and then run the lighter line through the loop.

Step 2:
Then you will want to wrap the lighter line over itself and both strands of the loop itself.

Step 3:
Now you are ready to make 10 wrapped turns that are very tight. Then you can feed the tag end through the loop before exiting the loop through the side it was fed through. Now you want to hold both ends of the heavy line and slide the wraps that you created to the loop end.

Step 4:
 Lastly you need to pull the lighter line in order to tighten it and then clip tag the end closed to the knot. If you do all these steps correctly you will achieve the perfect knot.

Our Take:

The Albright Special knot will slide easily through the guides when a fish pulls out enough line and some anglers even find it helpful to coat the knot with a rubber-based cement in order to make it smoother and much more secure. 

The Albright Special knot is a great go-to knot for joining lines together that are made of different materials. It is also the number one choice for tying backing to fly line for many fishermen.
Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

Joshua is our senior staff writer for and He is an avid hunter, clay shooter and amateur photographer.