How to Make an Effective Kreh Loop

The Kreh Loop, also known as the Non-Slip Mono Knot, is a very strong loop knot that has a tag end hitched around the standing line. It was originally developed by Lefty Kreh when he was trying to create a strong loop knot. The purpose of this knot is to end up with a strong fixed loop in the end of the line that allows for easy movement because it will not grip the lure. It is recommended to adjust the size of the loop when the turns are loose because once it is tightened, the size of the loop will be fixed. The number of turns that you will need to make on your line will vary depending on the strength of your line. For example, if your line is six to eight pounds you should make about seven turns and if your line is 60 pounds or more then your should probably go with two turns.

Step 1:
The Kreh Loop can be made by first making an overhand knot in the line 10 inches from the end of the line. Then you have to pass the tag end through the eye of the hook and then back through the loop of the overhand knot. 

Step 2:
Next you will need to wrap the tag end around the standing part about five or six times. Then you will have to bring the tag back through the overhand knot before entering from the very same side it just exited from.Then you will need to make the knot moist before pulling on the tag slowly in order to cinch the wraps together loosely.

Step 3:
Lastly you will need to pull the loop and the standing line in opposite directions to seat the knot before you can trim the tag end and complete your knot.
Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

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