Brekley Braid Fishing Knot

The Brekley Braid Knot is a staple for anyone who enjoys fishing and wants to take home a nice catch. This knot is excellent when you want to tie your terminal tackle with a braided line. Most individuals prefer to use a braided line such as Fireline, Spiderwire, Power Pro, as well as several additional lines. According to Brekley also referred to as Pure Fishing, they have thoroughly and extensively tested the Brekley Braid Knot and recommend it highly. This is especially true for individuals choosing to use a Fireline. Despite the fact that super lines are slipperier by their nature than monofilament lines which require the use of special knots, Brekley claims the Berkley Knot works incredibly well for all of the super lines. 

The way the Brekley Braid Knot is tied is very similar to the San Diego Jam Knot. This knot is also quite effective for individuals who choose to use a braided line. The biggest difference in the Berkley Braid Knot is that it represents more security because it is tied with the use of a doubled line. 
The instructions for learning how to tie this Braid Knot are fairly simple for anyone with any experience tying knots.
Step 1:
You begin by doubling your braided line and running your line through the eye of your lure or hook. You then double back making certain you are parallel to your standing line with the tag end. 

Step 2:
You next hold all four of your lines together just a few inches behind your hook eye.

Step 3:
Proceed by wrapping all four of your lines eight times as your work back towards the eye. Once your eight wraps have been completed you need to run the end of your loop directly through the opening you have created behind the eye. It makes no difference if you choose to wrap away from you or towards you. Using an even and steady motion tighten your knot.

Step 4:
The process is completed by cutting off the loop near the eye and trimming the tag end.


Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

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