How To Tie The Haywire Twist Knot

The Haywire Twist Knot is considered to be the strongest connection for joining wire to a hook, lure or swivel by many big game fishermen. This knot can also be used to make a loop at the end of your wire leader. The first set of twists in this knot is called "Haywire" wraps followed by the second set of twists considered "Barrel" wraps. The combination of these two twist or wrap sets is what makes the Haywire Twist Knot so dependable.
Correctly tying the Bimini Twist is important so that it has the strength necessary and is secure enough for fishing line. 

Here are the instructions for tying your Haywire Twist Knot:
Step 1:
First, you will want to begin by threading your wire through the "eye" of your hook or swivel. Once the wire is treaded to the hook hold the loop between your index finger and thumb of your left hand. Some people even do this with a pair of pliers to ensure a tight wrap.

Step 2:
 Following this, you will want to ensure that the "standing" or main wire and the tag end are crossing each other at an angle in excess of ninety degrees. This step is most crucial in tying your Haywire Knot. If your angel is not sufficient you will come to find that only one wire is wrapping around the other. Also, it is important that you twist both wires at the same time so they are both crossing one another. You will want to make at least three and a half Haywire wraps. Now that your Haywire wraps are completed you will move on to your first barrel wrap.

Step 3:
 In order to create this wrap push your tag end until it is at an angle of ninety degrees to the standing line. Make roughly five barrel wraps around the standing line with the tag end. Finally, bend the tag end into a little "handle" and tightly rock the handle back and forth until the wire breaks at your last barrel wrap. You never want to cut your wire with pliers because it could leave a dangerous burr that can cause a nasty cut to your hand or fingers. 

Step 4:
Congratulations you have now successfully created your Haywire Twist Knot! Here are some other alternative knots: Arbor Knot, Baja Knot, Centauri Knot, and the Berkley Braid Knot.
Carla Arbuckle
Carla Arbuckle

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