Bass Fishing Central Florida Guide

The U.S. has so many different types of lakes and rivers if you're headed to Central Florida for some fishing you should take along a Bass Fishing Central Florida Guide. Each lake or river is unique in its own way including those located in Central Florida where some say the best Bass fishing water in the country can be found. Florida's Largemouth bass are the type a fishers dreams are made of and they are well worth any traveling you may have to do to catch your share of them. 

Fishing isn't seasonal in Central Florida. You can take your chances year-round in any of this areas world class lakes or rivers and have the same opportunity to catch that trophy bass no matter what time of year it is. Eight to ten pound fish are common any day and it's not unusual for even larger ones to be caught. Bass are at their heaviest when they reproduce between December and April and with Florida's temperate weather, fishing is a pleasure even during the coldest months. 

Without a Bass Fishing Central Florida Guide it would be easy to miss some of the best spots. The Kissimmee chain of lakes are excellent for largemouth bass but there are so many more areas well worth the time to fish it should take years of visits to explore them all. Fishermen will fly or drive for hours from all over the world to reach Central Florida just for the chance to catch another trophy bass for their collection. 

Before you head out to enjoy Central Florida bass fishing here are a couple of things to keep in mind and hopefully increase your chances at that trophy bass. Fish have different characteristics and it helps to know them. Once you've categorized the type of fish you want to try for you'll have a better idea of exactly what equipment you'll need to have with you to reel one in. 

  • Shallow water or literal zone fish live near the shore line.
  • Of course there are also deep water fish that can survive near the shore. They are known as "gypsies" for their ability to thrive no matter where they live.

Here's a short list of some of the more popular places in Central Florida. Fish are plentiful and when they aren't biting, the scenery is worth a drive as well. 

  • Lake Tohopekiga or "Lake Toho" is part of the Kissimmee chain of lakes as well as the location of Florida's trophy largemouth fisheries. Lake Toho is also where B.A.S.S. is held and that alone is reason enough to fish these waters.
  • Lake Cypress is a good place to head and has everything you'd expect in an excellent spot to land a big one.
  • Lake Kissimmee is without doubt well worth a visit. There's a reason so many come back to this lake time after time. After just one visit, you'll know why yourself.

Central Florida has its share of seasoned bass fishers but many come from out of state. Then there are those who have very little if any experience but are interested in learning. Keep in mind fishing isn't just about throwing a line out in the water and waiting. There are procedures and laws that need to be followed as well. Here are some important things to remember when fishing bass in Florida.

  • Boats need to be fully stocked with all U.S. Coast Guard safety equipment as well as a cell phone for emergencies.
  • Always pay attention to the weather. If a storm comes up or there is lightening in the area leave the water as soon as possible.
  • Serious bass fishers are out there in the early morning or evening because fish are more active in cooler temperatures.
  • Remember that live or artificial bait work equally well in attracting fish and that when feeding, they are less alert, more apt to grab the bait because they will be hungry.
  • Always bring extra rods and reels, you never know if you'll need them or not.

Remember, guide services are available if you need them and they can easily be found on the internet. Guides are a good idea for beginners or experienced fishers because no one is going to know the area as well as a local. It may cost a bit, but the expense is worth it considering the pleasure your going to get out of that trophy bass guides know where to find. 

Some things are common sense like remembering to bring a hat, sunglasses or sunscreen. The weather may be mostly temperate but it can get hot out on the water where there is no shade. Pack a meal or two as well and don't let a growling stomach distract you from the fun. 

Last and surely not least is don't forget a camera. You may want a picture of a certain spot so you can find it later, and when you pull up that monster fish you'll certainly want a picture of it for bragging rights!

Carla Arbuckle
Carla Arbuckle

Carla is a staff writer for and She is an avid outdoors enthusiast and photographer. She can be found most weekends fishing and exploring the wilderness.