Colorado Fly Fishing

If you have ever visited the state of Colorado it is easy to see why it inspired Katharine Lee Bates to put her pen to paper and write the beloved song we all know today as America the Beautiful. The pristine natural beauty of Colorado’s landscapes are arguably unmatched. The state has gorgeous mountains with snowy peaks, acres of forests that nature lovers can get lost in, sprawling desserts that are just as stunning as anything that one might find in the magazine Natural Geographic and beautiful lakes and rivers. But every fly fishing enthusiast knows that among many other things Colorado is one of the best fly fishing destinations in the United States. The Colorado landscapes that Katherine Lee Bates wrote about in America the Beautiful all those years ago likely included the very same lakes and rivers that draw countless fishing enthusiasts to the state to try their hand at reeling in a noteworthy catch today. 

Many other fishing destinations require the people that frequent them to plan their trips around the times when the fish are most plentiful. This is not the case in much of Colorado. Areas like the Frying Pan River and the Roaring Fork River are able to sustain large enough fish populations so that individuals can partake in Colorado fly fishing no matter what the time of year is. Roaring Fork River in particular is a choice location for individuals that are planning a fishing trip to Colorado. The river is located near the incredibly popular ski location Aspen allowing visitors to the area the opportunity to try out Colorado’s world famous slopes before heading down to Roaring Fork to fish. The river is also near the Rio Grande Trail. The proposed trail is along Colorado’s border with New Mexico and offers many scenic views of the pristine forests that Colorado is known for as well as historic sites. Those fly fishers that are also avid hikers and bikers might find that they can plan a vacation that consists of several days spent fishing on the banks of Roaring Fork River and then head up for a hike along the Rio Grande Trail. Roaring Fork river is a great destination for fisherman who are interested in catching trout at any time of year. 

Other Colorado fly fishing destinations include the Frying Pan River, the North Platte River, the Colorado River and the Arkansas River. Frying Pan river holds the distinction of being among the best rivers in Colorado to fish in. Fly fishers will find brown, cutthroat and rainbow trout in Frying Pan River no matter the time of year. North Platte River is considered to be premium fishing real estate that is home to a sizable number of trout. The Colorado River is a large and peaceful river that also contains large quantities of brown trout. Springtime is the best season to catch one of the many brown trout that feed in the Arkansas River. 

Colorado offers many more fishing holes that set it apart as the go-to destination for fly fishing.

Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

Joshua is our senior staff writer for and He is an avid hunter, clay shooter and amateur photographer.