Bass Fishing Tournaments

Bass fishing is amazing especially when you see the size of the bass you caught. Many people enjoy bass fishing and the competitions are even better when there are a lot of people trying to catch the biggest bass. There are bass fishing tournaments all over the world and a lot of individuals want to be the one to catch the biggest bass ever caught in the world. 

Luck has a lot to do with the tournaments and nobody knows who will catch the biggest bass. You need a flexible body and a lot of stamina so you can make it through the competition. There are two keys to succeeding in bass fishing, your experience and your skill. This is how you set up the best possible strategy for the bass fishing tournaments.

Many of the active tournaments take place in Northwestern Ontario. Some of the biggest tournaments include the Sunset Country tournaments, the KBI on Lake of the Woods, Rainy Lake, and the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship. The Shoal Lake Bass Classic Tournament is held the first weekend in July in Shoal Lake, Ontario. This area has become the regions prime fishery due to the schools of smallmouths. These fish have never seen a lure and often win the tournament although the largemouths have become a factor. The average weight to win the two-day tournament is 32 to 34 pounds.

The English River Bass Challenge is held in the middle of July in Grassy Narrows, Ontario on the English River System. This tournament has been sponsored by the First Nation and takes place on the mighty English River. The third week in July brings the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship. This is the biggest Live Release Cash Bass Tournament in Canada and the cash prizes total $172,500. The best bass fishermen in North America come to the tournament at Rainy Lake for the $50,00 first prize. This three-day event has the winning weight at approximately 55 pounds. The tournament has grown in recognition and size since it began in 1995.

The second week in August the Kenora Bass International returns to the Lake of the Woods with a first prize of $30,000. Anglers fish for smallmouths and largemouths although the last few years largemouths have been the winners. Largemouths generally win when the water is high and smallmouths when it is low. The winner for this three-day event are 40 to 50 pounds. The second Sunday in August is the Ding Wang Ford Bass Tournament. This Bass Fishing Tournament only last for one-day anglers of all ages are welcome. The tournament is in Dryden at the Wabigoon Chain of Lakes although the Dinorwic Chain has been excluded. 

There is a fishing tournament for smallmouth bass on Crowrock, Dashawa, and Turtle Lakes close to Atikokan, Ontario. There are a lot of big, scrappy smallies in these pristine northern waters. Everyone who enjoys fishing can enter and the Atikokan Bass Classic is considered the Northwest’s funniest bass tourney. The tournaments are held all over the globe including the Stratton Fish Derby, the Last Chance Bass, the Whitefish Bay Fishing Derby, the Crow Lake Classic, Derby’s, the Agimak Lake Fishing Tournament, LOWS Annual Live Release Fish Tournament, and the Crow Lake Classic.

Carla Arbuckle
Carla Arbuckle

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