Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass Fishing

One of the most impressive areas for fishing the Smallmouth Bass is Lake Erie, an enormous lake often referred to as The Great Lake by those who spend a large amount of time on the waters of this lake covering shorelines in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass fishing offers a unique opportunity to take part in either land or offshore excursions with plentiful amounts of the different varieties available for almost every angler to fish for and catch in a single day.

The high levels of Smallmouth Bass found in Lake Erie are said to be a part of the highly diverse nature of this lake that offers a range of habitats capable of producing vast numbers of these species of fish; the vast nature of the lake makes it easy for Smallmouth Bass to find a suitable breeding and feeding ground away from the predators found in Lake Erie, which allows the numbers of these fish to continue to grow year after year. Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass fishing usually allows the minimum yield of fish to be caught within a short space of time. Of course, Smallmouth Bass are not the only species available in the lake with some reports of River Catfish, Walleye, and Perch also being prominent in the lake.

Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass fishing is an activity which should be completed under the watchful eye of a specialist guide with some experience of the quickly changing environment of the lake. Many experienced anglers will explain the vast nature of Lake Erie can often feel more akin to an ocean or sea with shifting winds bringing extremes of weather throughout any single day.

In the months following the spawning period, the level of Smallmouth Bass on offer makes it easy to become one of those involved in catching the more than 80,000 fish caught around June every year. Popular areas of Lake Erie for Smallmouth Bass fishing include the Presque Isle Bay area provides a haven from the changing weather with relatively calm waters allowing people of all nautical skill levels to enjoy some offshore fishing. Another popular area of the lake is Longpoint Bay, an area of the lake popular with fishermen looking for the path of the Smallmouth Bass as they pass between different feeding and spawning grounds.

Lake Erie is so huge it is always a good idea to make sure every aspect of the law is understood when fishing in the many different parts of the lake controlled by different state departments. In Ohio there are rules regarding the different number of bags of Smallmouth Bass caught each year, while in Pennsylvania the treble hook may not be used in and around the spawning season each year.

Carla Arbuckle
Carla Arbuckle

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