Lunker Largemouth Bass Ideal Fishing Times

If you are on the hunt for a lunger largemouth bass, there are a couple things you need to do to ensure your success. First, pick a fishing hole that has a large number of this largemouth bass in it. Second, make sure you are heading out to the water in the right seasons. You want to ensure you go during the peak times that will boost your likelihood of reeling in these bad boys. 

Pre-Spawn Peak Time

Pre-spawn is very weather dependent and can change annually. The best gauge of when pre-spawn time is starting is when the temperatures start rising from the 40s to the 50 to 60-degree range. At this time the largemouth bass will start moving towards the shallower areas of the water. 

Female largemouth bass is growing tremendously in size at this time. This is due to their need to bulk up their bodies before spawning occurs. As a general rule of thumb, this pre-spawning period typically takes place between the months of February and March. However, as you've learned above, this is more weather dependent and can slightly change annually. 

Due to the importance of spawning to keep our waterways full of bass, it's very common for restrictions to be applied to the times close to these spawning periods. You should be reading the regulations in your town and ensure you follow the proper release practices that are instituted. 

Post-Spawn Peak Time

While most anglers think this time of the year is too difficult to fish, as long as you know how to do it you can get yourself a nice big largemouth bass. Realize that the female bass is on a feeding frenzy to bulk back up after losing weight during the spawning process. This is good news for you. 

Unlike pre-spawning where these fish come closer to shore, during post-spawning you are going to have to go out to them in the deeper waters. The most optimal time is when the water temperature is about 70 degrees. Using a topwater lure is going to get you the best results, in addition to shad-like lures. 

Bass love feeding on shad. If you notice there is a large school of shad, you can be assured that your largemouth bass is hiding close by. This is a great tip that can help you determine the best spot and best lure to use while out on the water. 

Get Out And Fish With A Friend

Now that you are packed full of the knowledge you need to catch that lunger largemouth bass that you've been dreaming about, it's time to hit the water. Make sure to get an up-to-date fishing license for the regions you are fishing in. Fill your tackle box with some shad lures and get ready to have some fun. 

Remember that fishing with a friend is always fun. Invite your friends to come along with you and experience the beauty of the great outdoors coupled with the pleasure of reeling in the big one.

Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

Joshua is our senior staff writer for and He is an avid hunter, clay shooter and amateur photographer.