Top 20 Bass Fishing Tips

Before going out to fish some bass, you should look at these Top 20 Bass Fishing Tips:

1. Be patient and fish slow, giving the fish a good chance to see the bait.

2. Also be slow when the bite seem to slow. Work carefully until you locate the fish. 

3. Look at the weather cast on TV or the Internet. Bring your smart phone so you can also keep track of the weather. Be aware of the weather so bad weather does not sneak up on you.

4. Wear water-proof Gore-Tex socks so you don't get your feet wet, 

5. Be watchful and alert. 90 percent of the time, fish give up their presence by fleeing from the bait, swimming near or on the surface and moving through the sea plants.

5. Be alert and watchful. A fish's presence is given away 90% of the time through the fish fleeing from the bait, moving near or on the surface going through the vegetation. 

6. Before releasing a bass, look inside its mouth. See if there is any prey and try to make lure based on the prey that you see in its mouth. 

7. Don't look at the fish when you set the hook. Set the hook by feel.

8. Always make sure that the knot is strong and that the hook is sharp.

9. Don't worry about the swivel as bass are not that smart. Only swivel once if there is a line twist. 

10. When you using small hooks, you should tighten the slack faster with the rod and reel. 

11. Watch the crank baits carefully when you are going around rocks, gravel, stumps and other hard obstacles. Your line can fray quickly due to these obstructions. 

12. Bass respond to an erratic retrieve and a of motion. As long as you can, keep the lure in front of the fish. 

13. As you fish, you will get the best feel if you have the rod tip down. The angle should be at 90 degrees between the rod and the line. 

14. Black baits are better then bright-colored baits. 

15. Change the crank baits based on the weather. Large crank baits are good in warm and hot weather while small baits are good when it is cooler. 

16. When you are fishing with crank plugs, you should use a wire cross-locking snap. You can change lures faster and the bait will vibrate more freely. 

17. A fast-moving crank bait is best when you see a lot of water movement due to predators going after prey. 

18. A pair of polarized sunglasses will protect you from the sun's rays as well as the lure. 

19. A foot vacuum sealer will your bait fresh. A sealer is also a good place for your hooks and tackle. 

20. Store small amount of hooks in a bag with a few grains of rice. This will stop your hooks from rusting. 

These Top 20 Bass Fishing Tips will almost guarantee that your catch will increase.

Carla Arbuckle
Carla Arbuckle

Carla is a staff writer for and She is an avid outdoors enthusiast and photographer. She can be found most weekends fishing and exploring the wilderness.