Top 10 Pieces Of Fly Fishing Gear

Fly Fishing is a sport enjoyed by thousands of people every year all around the globe. While every angler will swear by their own respective secrets to reel in the biggest catch of the day the following list is the top 10 pieces of fly fishing gear that every fly fisherman absolutely needs to have. 

10.) Fly Fishing Rod

Perhaps the most important piece of gear for fly fishing, rods can come in all different lengths and weights and can be made from a variety of materials such as graphite, or even bamboo. You'll want to be sure to try out a few different rods to get the perfect feel for your fishing style.

9.) Fly Fishing Reel

The reel is used more for keeping the line from tangling than it is for actually reeling in a fish. Experienced anglers will be pulling in the line by hand using the reel to keep the line organized and out of the way. 

8.) Fly Fishing Line

Fly fishing line is very much unlike standard fishing line. This line is much thicker and can be designed to either float or sink depending on your specific needs. 

7.) A Leader

The leader is what the fly is actually attached to. Unlike fly fishing line, the leader line is thinner and completely clear making the fly appear to be connected to nothing at all and appear as realistic as possible.

6.) Flies

There are hundreds of different styles of flies on the market today. Some flies are meant to mimic actual insects both above and below the water while others are just meant to attract the fish themselves. Find the type of flies that work for you and stick to it!

5.) Waders

These waterproof boots aren't entirely necessary but make fly fishing a much more enjoyable experience. These waist high boots will keep you dry as you wade through the water in search of the one that got away. 

4.) A Net

When you reel in the biggest catch of the day your life will be a lot easier if you've got a sturdy net on hand. Make sure it's large enough to hold what you're fishing for but small enough to carry with you while you're out in the middle of the stream. 

3.) A Fishing Vest

You don't want to constantly be wading through the water back to shore to get to your trusty tackle box, so be sure to have a fishing vest on hand to hold all of your fly fishing gear in one place. 

2.) Clippers

Even though everyone hates it, getting tangled line is always a part of fishing. Make sure to have some clippers on hand to quickly cut through the rats nest of fishing line that will undoubtedly show up sooner or later. 

1.) Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must especially for the early risers who want to beat the crowds to their favorite streams. In the early morning the sun can throw a great deal of glare on the stream and proper sunglasses with polarized lenses can help cut this glare almost entirely.

Even though there are tons of other gadgets and types of gear that can be utilized when fly fishing, these top 10 pieces of fly fishing gear are essential for any true fly fisherman.

Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

Joshua is our senior staff writer for and He is an avid hunter, clay shooter and amateur photographer.