Fishing Areas for Fly Fishing

As a fly fisher, understanding the techniques that are the best for each and every kind of situation is key to success in the field. If you are just getting started with this activity, then maybe you should take an ideal fishing area that works the best for you, instead of worrying about the various obstacle that are ruining your fishing experience. In fact, you can just relax and engage in this activity without worrying much about the details.

As stated before, when you are fly fishing, sometimes you will encounter an area which makes the activity a lot more difficult. No matter how annoying the obstacle could be, there is always a great way to overcome it. For example, when fishing in an area that has timber pileups, if not approached in the right way, you can easily entangle the fish line. The way to overcome this is quite simple: Using a fishing lure will make it less likely that the aforementioned problem happens. The reason is because it minimizes the movements and makes it easier to catch a fish quicker, thus avoiding the fish line to get tangled up. A plastic worm is recommended in this case, or maybe a jigging spoon that is versatile and capable of attracting many species without the risk of the timber pileups that are in the way.

Another fly fishing area that can be quite troublesome is the one that has a lot of thick weeds. They can be a huge hassle because you can end up fishing them instead of a real fish. However, this is not the end of the world, thick weeds may have some sweet implications. Large bass are regularly found lurking these fly fishing areas areas because they are filled with small fishes and they are looking to hunt them. The reason why small fishes hide in thick weeds is because it makes the hunting task of a bass that much harder and here is when you should seize that chance.

What if there is a lure that could make the bass think that it is his prey? It would work out pretty well for you. A great way to do this is with a Spinnerbait. This bait, on top of being in motion, they also emit vibrations while they are spinning and these vibrations mimic the sound a small fish would make. The bass can easily be fooled with the bait, as the movement that it does and the vibrations are very similar to what the fish is expecting from some of their favorite preys. Sometimes, the tricks is not just about finding ways to avoid the nuisance that obstacles in a fly fishing area can bring, but how to seize them and use them in your favor.  

There are a lot of fly fishing areas with obstacles but avoiding them most of the times comes to the clever selection of a bait. If you take this into account, your fishing trip will come with great success! Be sure to experiment with each bait so you can find an ideal one for each area.

Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

Joshua is our senior staff writer for and He is an avid hunter, clay shooter and amateur photographer.