Northern California Fly Fishing

California is more than just its pristine beaches, bustling cities full of artists and seemingly perpetually sunny weather. The Golden State does not get nearly as much credit as it should for being a premiere destination for fly fishing. Any avid anglers who are interested in taking advantage of the state's prime fishing opportunities will find that many of them are located far away from popular vacation destinations such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego or San Jose. Fly fishing enthusiasts that make a trip to the Golden State would do best to set their sights on fly fishing in the Northern part of the state, a region that the locals affectionately refer to colloquially as Norcal. 

Northern California is full of fly fishing hot spots that will provide an excellent experience for both the advanced fly fisherman and the newcomer that is interested in learning what the craft is all about. Though it is not as famous as other rivers such as the Colorado River or the Mississippi River Northern California's Truckee River is definitely something to write home about. According to a report fly fishing experts consider the Truckee River to be among the foremost fly fishing destinations in the Northern California region. The Truckee River is one of the destinations that makes Northern California fly fishing a worthwhile undertaking for anglers. Part of what makes the river an exciting destination is the fact that the fish are available all through out the year. This is because the climate in Northern California is extremely temperate and consistent throughout the year. The exciting thing about planning a fishing trip to the Truckee River is the fact that the trout there are known for putting up a fight thus making the experience of trying one's luck on the river one to remember. While the Truckee River is an exciting experience it is probably best suited to the angler who has a lot of experience as the current can make it a difficult place to fish in. 

The Truckee River is not the only worthwhile fishing destination in the Northern California region. There are plenty of other rivers where anglers can get a taste of the Northern California fly fishing experience. Some of the other fly fishing areas in the region of Northern California include the Sacramento River, Feather River and Carson River. The Sacramento River is the perfect place to go for anglers who are interested in catching big rainbow trout. These spotted iridescent fish can be found in abundance towards the end of the Sacramento River. Rainbow trout are not only abundant in the Sacramento River, they also tend to be quite large which makes the area a great place for fly fisherman who are looking for a noteworthy catch. According to reports Spring is the best season to catch a rainbow trout as the fish will be out in large numbers to feed on newly hatched caddis flies. The end of the year is also a great time to fish on the Sacramento River. The fall and winter are the optimal times for anglers to catch salmon in the river. 

The Feather River is an excellent location to fish for fishermen who are looking for a challenge and who are interested in catching four pound steelheads. The east fork of the Carson River is also a great fishing location with interesting geography that is great for anglers who love to hike to their fishing holes, ride a horse to them or travel in a heavy-duty vehicle. The Carson river is known for yielding large fish because of the abundance of feeding opportunities for the fish.

Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

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