Washington Fly Fishing

Fly fishing in the great state of Washington, DC is an excellent experience, and many experienced fishers can agree to this. It is not an ordinary experience for every angler to catch a beautiful salmon or a steelhead abound but fishermen who fish on the rivers, bays, and streams that dot the Wahington’s coastline get the chance to catch these beautiful creatures when they cast their fly.

Yakima River is one of the famous rivers where fishers experience Washington Fly Fishing .River Yakima is located outside the towering Cascade Mountains. The river is well known for having the best fish ever, and this is due to the changing weather in Washington as it tends to get colder during the winter period. It is advisable to fish during the early fall as you will get the best fish in the spring. Fishing in River Yakima is a fulfilling experience even beyond your wildest dreams.

The Jurassic River that is located at the Northwest Corner of Washington is another perfect place for you to experience fly fishing in Washington. Trout fish is a common fish in this river as there are incredible insect hatches that attract the world class trout fish. Temperatures around the river are about forty-eight to sixty-five degrees on average. The temperatures make it a great fishing season for any fisherman. However, the best fishing season is when there is low light especially in the months of summer such as June up to August. 

The Olympic Peninsula has a reputation of being a magical place where you can carry out fly fishing. There are rivers and forests in the Peninsula thus providing an exhilarating scenery hence you ought to try flyshing getaway in this place, and you will experience a very wonderful adventure that you will never forget. The place is mysterious due to the dense forest and trees that have a long strand of moss and ferns that cover the ground. The trees attract strands of clouds over the forested mountains that you cannot even see the mountains at times. Individuals fishing in the popular Olympic Peninsula have an amazing adventure as they get opportunities to catch world class steelhead while fishing.

The Olympic Peninsula has numerous rivers that provide the world most great fly fishing records in history. Trophy Salmon and Winter Steelhead are the most commonly caught creatures in the rivers. The world largest native Salmon and Steel head ever landed are mostly found at River Quinault and Queets. Besides being a home to the native runs of the trophy Salmon and Steelhead, Quinalt Indian Tribe operates a total of three fish hatcheries which produce thousands of fish in every season. Individuals interested in searching of a steelhead and salmon hatchery should visit the place.

Washington Fly Fishing comprises of many great experiences that you will ever have in your life, and this can be agreed by individuals who have tried fly fishing in Washington. Most of the rivers in Washington are catch and release waters thus it not necessarily that you will bring the fish that you have caught to your home. The experience of catching a fly fish will be a dream come true because you will be among the lucky few that were able to fly fish in the most beautiful waters that are located in the Northwest U.S.

Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

Joshua is our senior staff writer for Fishing.org and Shooting.org. He is an avid hunter, clay shooter and amateur photographer.