5 Useful Tips On Trout Fishing

Many outdoor enthusiasts love fishing for trout and often look to this activity as a good way of enjoying the capture of game in the wild, in a bid to make sure every person has the chance to enjoy this activity a few useful tips on trout fishing should be remembered to achieve the greatest success. One of the reasons trout fishing is so popular is the fact there are many different varieties of trout fished across the U.S., except for a few southern states stretching from Florida to Texas. Following these useful tips on trout fishing should allow a greater success rate in the catch seen of any fishing enthusiast looking for a high yield from their trout fishing excursion.

Firstly, it is important to remember trout can be a difficult fish to catch as any shadow cast into the lower regions of a stream, pond, or river will scare them away. Each person fishing does not want their leader sitting on the top of the water casting a shadow beneath and can assist in this problem by not greasing the leader as it will generally not sink far enough to cause problems for the angler.

Secondly, an angler should take a look at every part of the waters they are fishing to find trout to catch, pools and isolated calm areas of water are prime locations in the view of many; however, an angler can also find success in the free-flowing areas of a river or stream where trout are abundant as the skills of the individual will also be tested in keeping their dry fly from sinking in a strong current.

Our next tip is a common mistake made by many who stand upstream casting directly down the river over a prime location where trout have been spotted. Casting from upstream allows the fly, leader, and line to float over the fish. A far more successful option is to cast a line from the side of the river and allow only the dry fly to float above the fish.

A tip from experienced trout anglers states most fish will strike for the first dry fly they see floating over their portion of the pool or as they swim in a current. Trout fishing experts arriving at a pool will always cast their first fly into the bottom end of a patch of water even if they have seen trout at the middle and top ends of the pool.

Finally, any experienced trout angler will explain fishing for these fish can be an experience like no other as a fly proving successful one day may fail completely the next. Having different fly's available is always a good idea as the fly-wing or spent-wing fly may prove more successful on any given day.

Following these useful tips on trout fishing is no guarantee of success, but following these simple tips often results in a more exciting and successful fishing experience almost anywhere in the U.S.

Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

Joshua is our senior staff writer for Fishing.org and Shooting.org. He is an avid hunter, clay shooter and amateur photographer.