Easy Gulf Coast Grouper Fishing - Part I

The Easy Gulf Coast Grouper Fishing is held on a yearly basis on the gulf coast of the state of Florida. The event is one of the most preferred ones for grouper fishing.

Despite the fact that recently the area had a hurricane season that lasted uncharacteristically long, the area has a lot to offer. That includes quite calm waters for the better part of the year. One does not need excessive gear in order to participate in the event. The gear that a participant would need is a stout rod. The road should not be too stiff, but rather it should have some flexibility to it to ensure the best performance possible. Another piece of equipment you might need is the bait. Live bait does best as it is what the fish is catching in the water. Some people also like to use bait such as spoons, jigs, as well as trolling lures (heavy grade). It all depends on what works best for you. Participants in the event usually prefer to use a 40 lb line on the reel which also has a 100 lb shock leader as well as an 8/0 hook.

The Florida Gulf coast offers one of the best 
Easy Gulf Coast Grouper Fishing. After the gear, fisherman can jump in the boats and get to the real fun. You can start off by catching your own bait. You can use the so called ''junk'' fish which you catch with smaller rigs when you do bottom fishing. ''Junk" fish includes thing such as lizard fish, blue runners, sand perch, and the likes. The Grouper fish, in particular, are not at all picky about the live bait. You should have absolutely no problem whatsoever using the junk fish during the Grouper event. Of course, the species has its favorites when it comes to food, but that will not be a problem. To get the fishing going, you might want to start off big - with a big squid for example. Your local fish market should be selling squids of all sizes, so check there. Once you have got your squid, put it on the hook. The squid should be about the size of your open hand. The reason why you want to use a big squid is that the body is a lot tougher, and hence it stays on the hook better. That will give you more time to pull out the Grouper fish.

The team usually stations around the area 45' and then we start looking for bait. The bait that you should look for is on dwelling on the bottom. There are usually no signs of where it is so you simply have to continue trying to catch some until you manage to do so. You can also try to lure out the bait by cutting up some squid in strips and then throwing it in the water to attract the small bait fish. You might have to move 300 to 500 feet each time before the bait starts coming out. After that, you move to a new location.

Article continues in part two.

Carla Arbuckle
Carla Arbuckle

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