Easy Gulf Coast Grouper Fishing - Part II

We are almost nearing our mark, having reached a depth of 100’ deep. As we move lower, we anticipate at catching our prime prize, the grouper.

Since fishing is our biggest priority at the moment, we make use of our large rig that is made up of a weighty snap-swivel coupled with the main line and then a leader of approximately three feet that weighs not more than one hundred pounds and attach these elements to the main line. For a complete fit, we attach that 8/0 hook on the other side of the line, a much-needed gadget to catch that prime piece of marine meat. For extra immersion, we have to attach as an additional set of lead just to keep the entire line submerged under water. The amount of lead to get used gets dictated by wind and tide, and usually, ranges between twelve and twenty oz.

Being the smart angler that you are, you have to attach that baitfish to your hook to get the much-desired catch just like the Easy Gulf Coast Grouper Fishing. Surprisingly, it does not take long for a grouper to take the bait. As a best practice, you should only consider using a fishing rod that is flexible, yet rigid enough, to counter the upward and downward movement of the entire line as your grouper takes the bait. Besides, an adjustable rod is much needed since it has the potential of countering the extra weight added by the lead, helping the baitfish move up and down in equal measure thus attracting the much-desired catch.

Whereas most people opt for a more rigid fishing rod, the flexible one always emerges as the superior of the two. With an adjustable rod, you have the opportunity to go home smiling mainly because the flexible rod helps the submerged bait move to and fro the bottom of the water, using the lake’s floor as a guide.

As an angler, amateur or experienced, you always wish to go home with a generous catch. Well, Easy Gulf Coast Grouper Fishing is here to show you one approach that will assist you to hoard a huge amount of fish. Many people today prefer to anchor their boats on one spot, lower their baits, and wait for an exorbitant catch. However, the bad news is that with such a lousy approach, you can never amount to anything worthwhile. To optimize your results, you can opt to lower your bait as you drift the line with your boat. As you circle the fishing the perimeter, you have the potential of finding that haven, the one location where the grouper might be hiding. Surprisingly enough, drifting helps you cover a wide area, meaning that you have more than 90% chance of going home with a generous number of grouper fish.

By employing the above best practices, catching that shoal of groupers is as easy as ABCD. Always be on the lookout for the small fish, since they taste way better and are richer in nutrients than the larger aging fish. Have fun as you fish, for catching grouper requires not only devotion but also a lot of patience.

Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

Joshua is our senior staff writer for Fishing.org and Shooting.org. He is an avid hunter, clay shooter and amateur photographer.