Fishing With Jigs

Fishing with jigs is highly effective for bass fishing and it is important to understand the correct techniques used for bass fishing. There have been a lot of bass fishing stories circulated over the years and numerous bass fishing articles have been published. When you do not understand the correct technique to use when bass fishing you are most likely missing most of the bass you are there to catch in the first place. There is one specific thing most anglers are doing that is off just enough to dampen their fishing experience. This is the way they are fishing when using a jig. Most people are moving their jig much quicker than they should. When jigging is done correctly the result can be a large quantity of nice bass but the most significant goal is not the quantity you catch but in catching bass of the highest possible quality. 

Fishing with jigs has a lot of variations according to the seasons. In the spring, you will see boat docks, numerous rocks, fish brush, and lily pads that are just starting to appear. Since the shallow water will warm up the quickest this is the best place to fish. Use a one-half ounce jig you have tipped with pork for your fishing. Most of the anglers use a much faster moving lure in the summer months but jigging can be much more effective. The best possible places to go fishing are lily and grass pads, channels, and creek beds. When you are fishing in the fall try using your fishing jig around wood. At this time of the year you want to keep your eyes open for trees that have been downed, boat docks, tree stumps, and logs. Also try using your fishing jig on the lily pads that are starting to die off. Fishing in the winter again has differences. The rivers make for exceptional fishing in the winter. You want to locate water that is moving very slowly that is anywhere from three to nine feet in range. Using a heavier jig is beneficial and a 3/8-ounce jig tipped with pork works extremely well. Schools of bass will swim in deep water when it is moving slowly. 

Jigging can be an exceptional method for producing bass if you slow down your fishing. Always keep you jig in the front of the fish and move it extremely slowly. If there are fish you will have excellent results with your catch.

Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

Joshua is our senior staff writer for and He is an avid hunter, clay shooter and amateur photographer.